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lol shipyard is a complete joke its like bliz is trying to kill their game or something
A ship yard in which the player character cannot directly control a ship and is easily bested by Pandaria fishing dailies which rewarded us with a controllable raft. There is no incentive to do it.


It's the worst kind of content in WoD. Dragging things onto another thing so a percentage goes up. The epitome of all the bad design decisions brought forth by garrisons.
i'll give it a 5.5,maybe a 6..
I don't lose many missions and i'm getting pretty good gold and a lot of gear for my alts..
Plus i'm on my 3rd heirloom now..
Well if I factor in the rewards vs the effort I give it a 7.
09/19/2015 04:32 PMPosted by Pancakes
It's the worst kind of content in WoD. Dragging things onto another thing so a percentage goes up. The epitome of all the bad design decisions brought forth by garrisons.

stuff like this being passed as content

imagine if raids were garrison table styled, and u dont actually enter
09/19/2015 04:20 PMPosted by Maldonix
The shipyard was probably way too far along in the expansion's development cycle for the Shipyard to be scrapped or majorly changed, especially since it was the tie-in to Tanaan and part of the legendary questline.

I'm sure that's true. The one thing they could do to make it less terrible is to stop destroying ships. At least on high percentage success missions.
I'd rank them higher than most, maybe a 4. Not due to implementation, just the potential had they made it a strategy or RP mechanic. I would characterize WoD in general as having some potentially great things marred by a few decisions. As with garrisons I think they'll likely throw the baby out with the bath water (not that it's necessarily a bad thing in this case, just not optimal).

It is by far one of the stupidest things blizzard has done. Tying it to the legendary ring is THE stupidest thing they've done.

Just when you think they can't top their ignorance...
- infinity
3/10 counting that it does reward you while you're out doing other things.

0/10 cause it is no fun to actually use. it's less engaging then a facebook game.

I hate having to run all the way down there to visit a second command board. I may try and give it a slightly harder push on some of my toons now that I have a surplus of resources on them, but some of my other toons I haven't even bothered to build one yet since it's such a resource sink.
Level 1 - 10

Level 2 - 5

Level 3 - 0
I would have given it a 3/10, but since they gated the HFC attunement ring behind it, it gets a 1/10.
09/19/2015 02:32 PMPosted by Willander

I don't even do it any more. The whole garrison thing just seems like a job now.

I did find something positive, since we no longer have a nice shiny capital to hang out in I don't make trips to the AH nearly as often, and I'm able to save a lot of gold.
0/10 doesn't do it any justice. The Shipyard is an absolute embarrassment on so many levels.

I literally only used it once on the quests that lead me to Tanaan and simply refused to use it since. Yes, I'm practically a shipyard virgin and that's exactly my point. What kind of feature added in the game steers so many people away?

The shipyard can give me thousands of gold a day and I would still refuse to use it. I'm completely against the idea, shame on Blizzard.
1. I don't like having to ride down there all the time. Now that I have the teleport item it's fine as is I suppose.

2. Ships that get destroyed is dumb. I never do missions below 90% and even then I white knuckle them.

3. Not enough total ships you can have.

4. Getting to level 3 is a bit of a chore. Should probably tone that down a bit.
4/10 because I can make about 2-4k a week from it.

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