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Every once in awhile (or daily) someone says a piece of gold that just makes you lol hard.

I wanna know what some of the best sayings or phrases you've heard in trade chat.

One of my favorites is,

"Feminists are the best people to be around"
I cannot repeat any of the trade chat here without being banned...
What happens on Moon Guard sticks on Moon Guard
Logged in and this is the first thing I see in trade chat.

"Mormons didn't build the pyramids dude they live in Utah"
I always hear someone mention on Trade chat:

" Did someone say <insert some Legendary item (usually Thunderfury) > ?"
The Vek'nilash server used to have a player named Pele. I don't know why, but Pele became a meme, and a huge one at that. I could type "Pele" into trade chat, go do my raid, and come back three hours later to a huge Pele train. I don't know why, but I always found that amusing.
My favorite was this new player, he's a btag buddy to this day, go off on a tangent about how Paladin's couldn't use maces and was cussing blizz and devs left and right. I asked him to link the "mace" found out it was a dagger and it still makes me lol just to think about it. Everytime we play together I always pass on the daggers that drop as a reminder. xD
If WoW is a feeling, Trade Chat is the distillation of that feeling.
Haha. Barriage, that's a good one.
For some reason everyone on my trade chat always has to metion that they're stoned

Like I get it you smoke weed
"Hey guys, my mom is going to Mcdonalds and wants to know if anyone wants anything."

Trade chat is then full of orders to mcdonalds and your mom jokes.

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