How to get into the game again?

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Hi guys, I need some help.

I'm completely bored with the game right now, and WoW is no longer my go-to game when I get on my PC anymore. I feel like I should play it, but I just feel like playing other games more. There's nothing that amazing drawing me in right now.

Any ideas on how I can spice up my WoW experience?
!@#$post on the forums. Trust me, it's pretty fun.

Or you could go on an RP server and give Roleplaying a shot. Just... Stay away from Goldshire.
Take a break from the game, and come back when it interests you?

I did that myself, recently.
Now I'm having a good time again.
If there is absolutely nothing you can do to help your experience, I would just unsub.

And I don't mean that to be spiteful

There literally will be no more content patches until legion, which is coming next year :/ it'll save you a bit of money.

Unless you wanna keep your subscription to keep on posting on the forums! :D
Don't force yourself to keep playing. Go play those other games. Maybe you'll feel more like playing wow in a few months time. That usually works for me.
Quit and come back when it seems fun again. I assume it's indicative of just how good Blizzard is at creating a need in people, but it's so oddly common on the forums for people to say things like they aren't having fun and asking for people to find them a reason to keep playing, as if it's somehow necessary.
i stopped having fun and any interest after my flying achievement was done

i unsubbed recently and am playing Wildstar and having a blast ther .. i love the housing system so its fun for me

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