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Yes op. I am enjoying the game much more now.

I'm an altoholic I had Draenor loremaster x5 prior to flying. Quite frankly I was done with it at that point. Flying has gotten me back into it. Does it make things a little easier it sure does. Does it make some things less tedious you better believe it does.

You may not like it or believe me but that's tough. Yes it has made a huge difference for me.
09/20/2015 02:02 AMPosted by Karinya
Whats was the point of not letting us fly again? I never caught on all those months.

It was supposed to make the game more engaging and encourage people to explore the world.
09/20/2015 04:27 AMPosted by Kushiela
09/19/2015 09:20 PMPosted by Salience
I can say it didn't make it worse for me but being grounded sure as hell did!

Although I do not have the achievement (and have no plans to), I echo this sentiment.

OP, you're being downvoted because you're being a troll. Is it accidental?

I see it as a serious question. There's a good case for eating more slowly if you have only a tiny slice of cake. I don't agree with it, but still.
I'm a pro-flyer, and have always been one. Am I happy it's back and archaeology isn't such a drag anymore? Yeah.

Am I logging in more often than I did before? No. While the reintroduction of flight opens up new-found opportunities and encourages leveling more alts, it doesn't fix the underlying problems with Draenor as a whole. Even if flight were here at the start, this sort of burnout would have happened eventually.

Draenor is a boring place, whether you view it from the ground or the sky.
I'm not pro or anti flight..
I will say though,after the 4th time of running the same exact quests over and over..It was sure nice to have some change..
I went horde side for some change and after a point,you end up running the same exact quests as alliance..

Yes, it's a bit more enjoyable now..
They really need to add some variety in the directions you can level while questing..No wonder so many people unsubbed..
yes, what is there to do is way more enjoyable now that there's flight in the game. Still nowhere near up to scratch compared to other expacs, but it's a lot better now. Sad that it took so long.
Whining about people whining after the whining has stopped.

09/19/2015 09:17 PMPosted by Tûrbo
That since flying has been added to the game, it's become oh so enjoyable and there's SO much to do out there now?

God, can't believe people whinged for almost an entire year over this crap >_>

edit: oh no i said flying and was using a negative tone in the same sentence, shoot me pls

Just a bit of information, I know you where being sarcastic but when you say things like "oh no i said flying and was using a negative tone in the same sentence, shoot me pls" this is not good for your mind. It is a way of conditioning your self that you are not worth your actual worth, again. I know why you said it. I am just pointing out it is not healthy for your mind to do such things. And in this day and age, we need all the healthy minds we can muster, you are worth more.
OP I can honestly say I love it and it has improved the game for me.
Not really. It's OK flying around I guess. It helped me get Nat Pagle rep by flying from pool to pool for Lunkers. That's about all. I don't see how your game would be improved if I couldn't fly though.
09/20/2015 02:08 AMPosted by Tûrbo
So we can all conclude that flying totally makes up for the horrible, tedious content we've received this expansion? And it's totally much more fun than it used to be and suddenly the sun is shining out of WoD's backside?

Yep yep I see. I was mistaken all along, thanks for enlightening me to the ways of GD guys.

No it doesn't do that, but taking it out some how helps it? what did the removal of flight do other than make the 8hour leveling time to probably a 5hour leveling time?

It didn't accomplish anything they were trying to get from us? Oh we just fly in and kill the big baddie that did something that no one read about?

Oh welp we just ran in and killed him. Then depending on your class you dropped combat somehow, or just ran back out with a train of mobs on you.

Adding only a few seconds to our mounting up and turning it back in.

OH immersion? You mean how my some how great all knowing commander (somehow) who has now control of horde/alliance doesn't understand that being in the air would provide a tactical advantage knowing the layout. Right, npcs were doing that for me, not like I have a flight licence or anything and could have done it myself.

Since I still did everything myself anyways even though I built a large following.

I think they might have mentioned that the art team was a bit salt that we flew past everything. Well I don't know about anyone else But I've seen more of the little touches they placed in while I've been flying.

Not so much when I was routing out the best path so I don't get dazed or dismounted by a low level mob.

It was a lazy move not to make the game around the idea that players can fly. Kinda like how Wrath was and BC was, questing zones, reps, and instances that required it. It lifted the game and its feel above the ground level of things.

but yeah lets take it out because other problems exist and keeping it wont fix those.
Woot, Saturday morning I fly, I took my time getting it.

Getting this horde hunter to explore was way better from the air than on the ground.

Thanks , all to do now is everything I missed, and keep token time going.

Oh forgotten my Druid is now allowed to be a bird again at level.
It's making leveling alts a lot more convenient and I'm back doing archeology again. It's very nice to be able to avoid mobs when you just want to get someplace, and I'm going back for all the treasures I never bothered with. So yeah, it's much better with flying.
It is designed just fine at the current time. My main and a couple others at the time stuck to the ground. I cruised around tanaan and did all the rares and more from the ground mount.

I waded through the enemies getting stunned on my way to the next objective. I raced to just miss the rare spawn by a nanosecond. I got stuck on countless terrain pebbles. I didn't complain or use the snazzy word "Whinged" about any of it. I did all the requirements and leveled all the reps.

Now I am leveling up my alts with no desire to run it like that again. I earned that right did everything I needed to so that I can fly to the next objective, not be dazed as I ran through. I have no desire to have to do that again but would if I had no choice.

I am not nor have I ever asked for easy. I did the work and no I am going to enjoy flying for the convenience. If you do not see the value of it go ahead and scoot around on your ground mount, that is your prerogative.
I think that the concept of treasures was really cool, but the reward scheme was way off. Some of the treasures took a long time to get to and then gave you tiny rewards like 12 garrison resources or 30 gold.
Not having flying was meant to result in seeing more people out in the world, but the addition of garrisons and the lack of things to do in the world probably made you see even less people out in the world than before. So basically, they failed to provide the good sides of not having flying and therefore, I'm happy to have flying back since I wasn't reaping the benefits of not having it anyway.
I haven't gotten flying, nor will I probably get it by the end of the expansion. I'm pretty much over WoD and have invested my time in other avenues. That isn't to say that flying isn't awesome though. Maybe I'll eventually get it before Legion, but I just don't have the time or the motivation. WoD has been the most boring expansion that I've played so far.

The only reason I would even get flying at this point would be to do archaeology faster and possibly level a few more alts. Otherwise... I just don't see the point on a personal level.

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