Los Burritos Banditos(13/13H) LF Mythic DPS

Los Burritos Banditos (or LBB for short) is currently looking for skilled players who want to clear heroic on a light schedule, with mythic in the future once we are in a position to begin, but until then we're farming heroic.

Our focus on our member expectations are to play to the best of your abilities in a laidback, generally low-stress raiding environment. We want people who can bring a positive attitude above performance, and have a low tolerance for people who like to start drama. We do expect our members to be actively listening as we communicate a lot on some of the fights when needed. Mumble is required.

Unlike a lot of raiding guilds, we are fairly active on non-raid nights. Most of us enjoy playing other games with each other (Like Diablo) and are generally doing something in game, and talking to each other about random things. It gets a little weird from time to time, but its a very relaxing environment.


6:30-10:30PM Central Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Recruitment Priorities

High Priority
-Range DPS

Medium Priority
-Melee DPS
-DPS with Healer/Tank offspec

Low Priority

We are heavy on melee and hunters currently, but if you aren't one of these classes above but are confident in your skills don't hesitate to send us a message, we won't reject talent just because of the class you play.

Feel free to contact one of us if you think our guild is the right fit for you, and please refer to this post when contacting one of us.

Whitesparrow Sparrow#1846
Lealion Lealion#1841 (GM) <<< Usually online, try her first.
Breath Persnicidy#1221 (Raid Leader)

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