I'm curious, why pink for paladins?

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09/24/2015 05:20 PMPosted by Eldevane
Because in vanilla paladins were healers/support, everyone knows girls mostly main healers, and that girls like pink.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.
Well... yes
09/24/2015 05:06 PMPosted by Antipath
Because you're yellow-bellied cowards.
I can agree with this. ;D
Legend has it that the colours were originally decided by the makers of some add-on in classic, presumably made by a Horde who figured they could throw a subtle jab at the Alliance.
Because we're fabulous.
I think Paladins and Priests should switch. Or at least that Paladins are more appropriate as white as they're entirely Light based, where as Priests have a plethora of sources from which they draw from.

Yeah, you've some holy priests in there, sure, but what about your Shadow Priests, Voodoo-Loa Priests, Elunarians and priests of the ever colorful August Celestials?
Priests suit white. Blend into the background when using /s
Power Rangers OP Power Rangers...
Don't worry i'll be the brown one because i'm all earthy and stuff.
Shouldn't Warriors be red?

It's the color of war, rage, and passion.

Brown is the color of... Rust?

Druids should be brown because of Bark and soil.

Are Demonhunters going to be yet ANOTHER shade of green?
Do you have something against the colour pink?
09/24/2015 06:53 PMPosted by Drede
Shouldn't Warriors be red

More shades of red/green would make it impossible for me to keep track of who's in my group lol
Because real men wear pink.
I can't think of a better color for Paladins.
Because the light inspires us to care deeply about others, including women with breast cancer. Thus, we fully embrace the color pink to spread awareness of this terrible disease.
Fun fact: In Hearthstone Paladins are yellow and Rogues are black.
Because we got 1st pick of color and chose the best one?
09/24/2015 06:53 PMPosted by Drede
Shouldn't Warriors be red?

They probably already decided on Red for rage so having double red on a warrior nameplate would be a but confusing. Imo druids should have green text and hunters should have the orange.
In all seriousness it's probably because we're a mix between fighter (red) and healer (white) so add them together and bam pink.
We're all pink on the inside.
09/24/2015 05:00 PMPosted by Huurdek
Pretty much that, i'm curious as to why blizzard chose to represent paladins on the maps and here on the forum with the color pink?

Because, Paladins are pretty pretty ponies, Clippity clop, clippty clop, clippity clop.

(Or just be random, I can't think of a color that isn't taken by the other classes that would stand out that isn't already used)
Go for the brown.

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