What the hell are Ret Paladins?

I've only queued 90+ games over the last month or so but have yet to run into another Ret Paladin team since at least early August...

Where did they all go? :(
i know they do a stupid amount of healing
09/29/2015 08:43 PMPosted by Amyri
i know they do a stupid amount of healing

good thing they sacrifice 90% of their damage to do that stupid healing
hi i heard ret pally
they all rerolled enhance

i kinda like the pally gear this season, but you might as well not play a paladin if you don't have the CM gear, so nope
dude when ret's are in everyone seems to have a ret paladin
lol ret!
09/29/2015 10:08 PMPosted by Benetta
they all rerolled enhance
mostly this
Meh honestly there's still a few PHS teams queueing, i've faced quite a few over the past week since i've started queueing again. I believe I've faced 4 or 5 separate teams and i queue it on this and my other toon still. So there could be less of us I guess
they rerolled holy because it does ret better than rets do
try finding someone who would rather play with you instead of any other meelee. That's where we've gone
Underpowered and needs to be carried by other classes.
We are all in the rat leagues.
Though Bliz deleted Ret in 6.2
09/29/2015 10:23 PMPosted by Wubaluba
dude when ret's are in everyone seems to have a ret paladin

All the "in" ret paladins are holy now.
I ran into 1 in the 20+ games I played last night on my ret, so I guess atleast 20+ teams saw my ret last night :P
Every expac rets start strong and fall to the bottom later on. Kind of like the opposite of Ele shamans. I don't see this being fixed cause #wodpvp
They got nerfed into the ground for pvp due to pve problems and also got nerfed passively due to holy nerfs. Their lives are made even worse now that you can't use freedom in CC and are no longer a factor in fights once their hand spells are on cooldown.

Ret always does well at the beginning of an expansion because no one has gear. Once gear becomes a factor and we've already been nerfed and then ret slowly gets thrown under the bus. S7 and S8 were the best two seasons for ret because we had decent damage, we had cleanse, we had decent defensive abilities (old school SS and Selfless healer), we had some dispel protection, and we had fairly well balanced healing. This allowed us to be effective in other comps instead of being pigeon holed into play with a hunter and a shaman.

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