<Core Two> 8/13 Mythic HFC now recruiting!

<Core Two> (Alliance - US-Garona) is a newly formed guild of experienced and long-time raiders. We were previously raiding as a group under a different guild before we decided to part ways and form a guild of our own. We strive to always push ourselves and each other to perform at our best.

Raid Times:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Monday 8PM-11 CST (Server Time)

Current Progression:
7/7 Mythic - Highmaul
10/10 Mythic - Blackrock Foundry
8/13 Mythic - Hellfire Citadel

Raid and Guild Environment:
<Core Two> is an extremely close 18+ guild who are very active socially. Our raid, Mumble, and guild chats often contain harsh language, off-color jokes, and sexual content. If you are easily offended or unable to handle constructive criticism, this is probably not the guild for you. All of our raiders are expected to be receptive to constructive criticism and open to suggestions and discussion regarding talents, glyphs, playstyle, and any other factors which would benefit the group best. We are not interested in individuals or large egos, as our primary goal is betterment of the group as a whole.

In terms of social aspects outside of raid times, there are always people online and there is always something to do. Whether you are interested in arenas, battlegrounds, or old content you will be able to find someone with common interests in <Core Two>.

In addition to World of Warcraft, many of our members play League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and other games together often.

Our Needs:
We are once again recruiting for exceptional players of any class/spec. If you feel like you would be a good fit and would like to try out, please do apply. We WILL get back to you very soon.


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