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Cats don't have voices, don't be silly!
Which new level 80-85 Cataclysm zone was your favorite?
Poll ended on Jan 27, 2011
01/19/2011 6:00 PMPosted by Midnyte
uldum, i love the whole egypt feel and im a huge fan of indiana jones so the harrison jones questlines were great


plus 1
01/19/2011 5:40 PMPosted by Lylirra
From the twisted hillsides of the Twilight Highlands to the sunken depths of Vashj'ir, the new level 80-85 zones in Cataclysm offer a wide variety of content for seasoned veterans to explore. There are harrowing escapes, daring rescues, questionable laboratory experiments, and, of course, droves of creatures to kill without mercy.

For those of you who have had the opportunity to play through the new high-level zones, which one was your favorite, and why? Did you enjoy a particular quest or storyline? Was it the landscapes that drew you in? Let us know!

Deepholm was the best zone for many reasons: The quest design and flow, the feeling of completeness, and the art were all impressive.

Uldum, however, had the best quest.

And everyone knows which one it is.

And it should've been a daily.
Deepholm. I love the music, mood, and atmosphere.
Uldum, every second with Harrison Jones i kept thinking of the song in my head
01/19/2011 6:22 PMPosted by Bananabelle
Cats don't have voices, don't be silly!

And walruses and cows have voices? lol. Its a fantasy game. Adding voices contributes to the imersion.
I voted for Uldum because I think this zone is the best questing experience Blizzard has ever done, bar none. (I haven't played through all of the new lower level zones, though). However, I actually preferred the scenery and atmosphere of Deepholm the best. The visuals and the music set the tone for the zone in an amazing way. But the questing experience was disappointing to me in Deepholm. I thought it was an awkward place to bring the whole Horde vs Alliance to the fore because it seemed to conflict with what the tenor of the zone was about.

You didn't ask but I'd say that my least favorite zone is Twilight Highlands. It's just a muddle of a zone that can't figure out what it is visually, aurally, or in terms of questing.

Uldum was definitely the best, and I was glad so many fellow WoW'ers agree with me. Deepholme was probably a close second though for me. I didn't like Vash'jir much simply because it really is annoying swimming everywhere, even with the mount.

But it's nice to see so many tastes. That's what makes this game so great.
Great, now I've got "Dangerzone" playing in my head, and the image of tom cruise on a skeleton raptor riding into various danger(void) zones on raid bosses... I feel compelled to draw this and blog about it.
Uldum is definitely the best aesthetically, followed by deepholm and vashjir. Hyjal and twilight highlands are sort of ordinary by comparison.

However, IMO vashjir is spoiled by the annoying naga reenactment quests. Yes I actually do like playing my own character, not some boringly OP 2 button spam fest that feels more like an interruption to your current quest line. Also the darkbreak cove area feels like it's too remote from the areas that it gives quests for.

Uldum, and I'll definitely be in the minority here (as you can see by the current poll results already and the previous responses), is frankly ruined by the Harrison Jones chain. Maybe if it was only 15-20 quests it would be fine, but it is well over half the quests in the zone. The utterly boring sch#!@# ("not-zi" is censored heh) section just drags on and on and on and on with no lore to speak of or mysteries explained, just placating bored dinner guests and scrounging for soldier's uniforms. Sullahs camels/meats quests are equally annoying. The cutscenes happen far too frequently and the vast majority of them are unskippable. The ramkahen half is excellent, and as I said, uldum is the best visually.

So I tend to favor deepholm not because it has the best, but because it was good without any serious flaws dragging it down.
Hard call between the quests in Uldum (and the zone in genreal) and Vash'jir, but Vash'jir pulls ahead for me because of the naga quest line (I did really enjoy this) and the excessive use of cutscenes in Uldum. Not that I hated the cutscenes, but there were just too many of them.

Also my sea turtle worked better in vash'jir than it did in the desert, heh. Probably the biggest reason why I liked the naga quests was it felt like it did a very good job of giving a different perspective of some of the lore.
Uldum by far.
Twilight Highlands ;)
We all know Uldum will win
I loved the Harrison Jones part of Uldum (up until the incredibly stupid dwarf part which ruined the entire experience and made zero sense whatsoever), however I hated the rest of the zone more than any of the other new zones and quite possibly more than several older zones. So I have mixed feelings about Uldum.

Overall my favorite new zone was Vashyr. Big and full of constantly flowing story.
I really enjoyed Deepholme. It was pretty, had an overarching storyline and was easy to navigate.
I personally love vashj'ir something about the entire zone i just really enjoyed. The music was amazing it for whatever reason instilled me with a sense of nostalgia and childhood memories.
Hyjal, I enjoyed it a lot! =D
Uldum was my favorite zone outta them all. They were all good, just Uldum was much more fun.

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