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01/20/2011 9:28 PMPosted by Gamis

No, I am saying its easy for someone to change and stupid email and pass back to the original one. I don't see how hard it is for something that simple to take place. I have all the stupid personal information and what not. My email addresses can be recovered in less time than this.

Oh and btw, NO I will not calm down. The last time this happened I called them and they told me that my account was hacked (duh its why I called in the first place) and that the hacker used a stolen credit card to pay for a month. I got my account banned and my email had to be deleted.

I just paid for Cataclysm a couple days ago so I am sorry if I seem mad that again I will banned for something I didn't do.

You do realize that if they changed the email address and password associated with your WoW account that they have hacked your email as well?

More then just that they have know your Secret Question ans Answer as well.
01/20/2011 9:37 PMPosted by Lidrasha
and have to wait a week until they return all my items and I won' get my gold back either.

If it's any consolations, sometimes account restorations are really quick. Some people get their stuff back in hours, some people it takes longer for.

Also, my friends who got hacked had their gold restored along with their items.

You really need to think about getting an authenticator, though, especially since this is the second time it's happened, and they clearly have a lot of your info.
If you have been hacked multiple times then there is something severely wrong with your security. You either gave your account information to someone else via a phishing scheme or you were keylogged. They also have enough information about your account to change your email and password (that requires them to not only know your email address but also have access to it as they have to confirm the change, they also must know your secrete question and answer).

I would take the time that it will take for Blizzard to help you fix your problem (something they do not have to do at all BTW) and find out where the security hole is.
This has actually already been addressed on our side, email was changed back - and no apparent access was found.

Now, you have GOT to find your security breach or this WILL keep happening.

You've either responded to a phish, have unidentified malware, a compromised email or someone else has your account information and THEIR system may be compromised.

Given the recent proximity to the last report of this, this account was locked for your protection. You should be receiving an email with instructions on what is needed to unlock it. Please make certain of your security before requesting that.

Some other information that may prove useful.

Security Checklist

You may also want to look into getting an authenticator for your account. It's no substitute for good security habits, but it will help keep them out of your WoW account.

Blizzard Store

Mobile Authenticator
At a bare minimum, I'd recommend creating a brand-new email address, something you will only use with WOW. Give it a password that does not match anything you've used before. When you contact Blizzard tomorrow, have them change the Battle.Net to that email rather than your old one. Once you have regained control of the Battle.Net account, set the password to that to something new that doesn't match the email's password. Never use that email for anything else.

The point of that is to remove any knowledge of the current Battle.Net account name from the criminal's hands. If you've been using the same email all along, through multiple compromises, all they had to get each time was your password - or reset it and have access to the email to do so. (If they had access to your email at any time, they could have easily set up forwarding so they'd get it and you'd never see it.)

As others mentioned, an Authenticator could make a HUGE difference for you. Slightly inconvenient, perhaps, but as long as you make sure your computer is clean before attaching, no one can access the game or Account Management without it - meaning the email cannot ever be changed again without at least getting one unused code from you and using it in a couple minutes.

Barring that, and slightly less effective, you might want to add "Parental Controls" to your account. That will require a second new email (use something with no connection to the first). Once you have it added, you can turn on access to everything. I personally use it to lock my account at times I'm asleep or at work, but you can leave it full schedule as you choose. If ever the account is compromised, you can go to the Parental Control email link and shut down all play time completely. It can sometimes take around 30 minutes, but then it will kick them off. If they haven't gained access yet (such as in this case where you were still logged in), you might be able to head them off at the pass by setting it to no play time.

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