Frost PvP Guide (Updated 9.20.11)

Death Knight
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save your first 3 weeks of arena points for vicous wep :)
This guide is an excellent beginners guide to frost but I think the rotation OP gave you all was for a kill target that is not a healer. when going up against a healer I tend to use Howling Blast - Necrotic Strike - Howling Blast - Necrotic Strike - Blood Strike - Blood Strike. This allows my DPS partner in 3s to essentially train the healer while I am providing adequate pressure while cutting off his heals. Spamming Necro strike will make the healer fall behind on his heals really fast when he's trying desperately to peel and run away while healing. also use anti-magic shield preemptively to avoid all CC's (short of stuns) while training heals to really keep up the pressure. And if the healer is a druid/resto shaman use Chains of Ice instead of Howling Blast every other frost rune.

Like I said, I am not trying to start anything, if anything I am expanding on this guide. I have been playing frost since Cata dropped and I find it to be superior to unholy in certain situations and comps. If anyone has anyone qualms or questions about what I have said and/or would like me to explain my burst rotation or anything like that, feel free to reply or message me.
I apologize if I am missing this somewhere, but on my alternate spec I am setting it up for PvP, and am wondering where/how I'm supposed to get 200 spell pen into my gear.

I am just starting to pvp, literally. Did a couple battlegrounds (which the alliance fails miserably). I'm just in a full set of starter 339 gear.
In 4.1, when we have permanent death runes, will mastery overtake haste since we will have alot more up-time? Being spell pen capped would be better for mastery anyway it seems, but i have no numbers, so I'm looking for opinions.
I thought frost was a PvE spec? I could use the frost spec for PvE anyways?

Will this be edited for 4.1? I understand they're buffing FS (Which will greatly increase my DPS when I'm high on RP and low on Runes) but nerfing Obliterate damage (Which has me fearful for my burst output and if I'll find myself removing much of my haste in favor of mastery, Which I find a bit awkward as it's untried).
What are you guys talking about Nerfing Obliterate? I haven't seen anything about this.
That is a seriously bad spec!
04/05/2011 01:33 PMPosted by Levitra
What are you guys talking about Nerfing Obliterate? I haven't seen anything about this.

waaaaaaaaaaaaat? Please tell me they arent touching Obliterate, its the only truly hard hitting skill we have!
They are not, they are buffing us

Increasing frost strike damage and howling blast damage on the main target

but reducing the damage on the others ..

The only thing we have to find out is that .... Haste > Mastery or Mastery > Haste in 4.1 .. ?
What runecraft enchant do you use?

but reducing the damage on the others ..

Again, where are you getting this information about "reducing damage on the others"?
The Obliterate thing was a tooltip change, the numbers should still more or less be the same.
Im not talking about the other spells , but the other people that howling blast touch ,,
Thank you for this guide. To play devil's advocate, if you were to suggest a DW build over 2H, what would you suggest?
very informative now i want to go pvp more thx for the guide!
I really appreciate this guide. I think I have followed it really well, but I noticed that when I reforged based on the guide above; I seem to get dodged and parried all the time. I am at 5% hit, but reforged out of expertise to do so.

You never mentioned expertise; does it have any value in PvP? Secondly, I have no arena partner and guild to do rated BGs, what else can I do to improve my gear?

You should really change your gems 20 strenght 30 stamina, for 3 gems 50 spell penetration

Instead of gemming strenght-haste, get the bracers, cloak, boots with some haste, you want 60% haste + ..

and no you don't need any expertise in pvp..

A pvp partner should'nt be hard to find only for points, so try to find one and change your weapon first.
This "guide" needs updating or revision. No idea how it ever got a sticky. I guess the bare basics about hit and SP are right at least.

That spec is questionable at best. 3/3 Rime alone is enough to not read any further.

I am glad that other frost DKs will be going by this. They will be easy kills. I am no pro, but I highly suggest checking some other guides out.

Look at any top frost DK on arenajunkies if you want help with talents. The posts questioning this guide will teach you more about frost pvp.

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