Tell me why you hate Justin Bieber...

Burning Legion
I'm with OP on this one. There's a crap load of time and talent involved in becoming an international superstar. Anyone that says otherwise is just jealous, or too young to understand that you don't become famous by winning the lottery.

Oh and I hate Justin Bieber because he got famous too easily when his actual talent sucks...kind of like taylor swift but not as bad. Just my opinion though :o

Yeah, because she's not one of the most highly awarded singers/song writers ever or anything.
cuz he ghey.
Yes he values nothing. That's why he's basically supporting his entire family. He's just a lazy jerk and sits on his !@#. That's why he's always on tour/doing photoshoots/interacting with his fans (Do you really think someone as famous as him doesn't have a hectic schedule that would drive normal people insane?)

Hollywood, in general, is terrible because celebrities give the most support to charities than anyone else.

See what I did there?

You know what's stupid? Automatically assuming everyone more successful than you had it handed to them on a silver platter.

FAILLLL. If I were a stupid teenage "singer" I wouldn't do anything JUST to make time for failing. I mean, singing.
you don't become famous by winning the lottery.

How many modern-day international pop stars come from unwealthy familes...

Brb listening to beethoven's fifth and then laughing at the fact that you call what justin bieber does 'music.'
#cutforbeiber, his music(i cannot stress this enough his music is absolutely bad. i'd rather cut off my *@*!!*#! than listen to that donkey !@#$ he calls music), but most of all his fans(belibers). You know, those 15 year old girls who are all dramatic omg justin beiber i love him etc...

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