Destro/Demo Stat priority

I have found the two stickies to be a bit confusing so i am here to ask a quick question

What is the lock stat priority? Are we dependent on Mastery? What stat is best to reforge?
For Destruction
Lower Gear Levels (333-346 Pre-Raid):
Int >> Hit (to cap) > Haste = Crit >> Mastery

Higher Gear Levels (359-372 Raid Gear):
Int >> Hit (to cap) > Crit > Haste >> Mastery

For Demonology
Int >> Hit (to cap) > Haste* > Crit >> Mastery

*This depends alot on how much haste you actually have, and whether that haste is causing you to not be able to refresh Immolate with Hand of Gul'dan.

Taken from articles on Elitist Jerks by JMickey.

Both have heaps of information for warlocks (stats, glyphs, gems, specs, reforging, best demon down to basically a single dps; everything). Highly suggested. Hope this helps :)
Those links were great.
So much, much needed info. thank you
The haste caps will change on next patch as they assume the 15% ISF buff for demonology. Don't be suprised if the priority favors haste for destruction again too, though they still have too many insta casts to prob matter much beyond hitting GCD.

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