Knucklerot MIA?

Where the hell is this Knucklerot character?
I've killed luzran like ten times and can't find
Knucklenut anywhere?
He roams up and down the road, crossing the Deadscar....
If I remember correctly, he paths between the ziggurat south of Tranquilan and Windrunner Village. Just follow the road between those two points and you should run into him eventually. He spawns from the ziggurat, so you can just camp there as well if you want.
I am literally having the same issue. I've wandered the road so many times I feel ill but I've only ended up killing Luzran a million times.
same here
weeks later still no knucklerot.....

Blizz WTH? >:/
Knucklerot doesn't wander up and down the Dead Scar. He wanders up the roads around the west and northwest parts of the Ghostlands.

Follow the road southwest from Tranquillien and cross the Dead Scar. When the road forks again, go north. You will find him before you reach the end of the road.
Actually no - he was not on the road at all - he was in the valley just north of the bleeding Ziggeraut - not even ON a road! Bah!

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