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I've switched my druid over to a resto spec to try it out after not healing since a holy pally in TBC and I love it! But I have a hard time keeping track of my lifebloom duration without guessing/hovering over the tiny icon with my mouse I was wondering if there is a visual addon that would allow me to just look and see how much longer it lasts so I can refresh it with a nourish or just reapplying a lifebloom.
I've found VuhDo to be pretty helpful. also offers great utility during raids.
I use VuhDo as well and I love it.
I use tukui and love it. It gives you the time remaining down to the tenth of a second
Another vote for VuhDo
I use vuhdo as well. easier to configure then healbot, as well gives you a count down.
01/22/2011 7:08 AMPosted by Ituhata
Another vote for VuhDo
I'll have to give VuhDo a try based on ^^^^. I use healbot and after a lot of fine tuning it's small and shows all the HoTs and the time remaining. I can't imagine it doing more TBH, but having never used VuhDo, who knows what I might be missing?

EDIT: I just checked it out on youtube. Showing incoming heals from other healers (using VuhDo) is stellar. I guess I'll need to make the switch if I can talk the other healers into doing the same thing.
Another vote for Vuhdo. There's never any question of when lifebloom will expire, or how many stacks are up.
hmm it looks interesting I just didn't want to get rid of the regular blizz raid frames I like them just fine, all I want is to know how much longer my lifebloom has left if im looking at other targets, etc.
if you use grid and cluque to heal you can set grid up to show you when ur healing are active and when they fall off. I found this is the easiest way since you are mostly look at grid to heal anyways.

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