<H> Knights of Oblivion recruiting for 25 man

Aerie Peak
Guild Name: Knights of Oblivion

Faction: Horde

Server: Aerie Peak

Guild Level: 25

Website: http://koo.guildlaunch.com

Please apply on website or contact Larokos,Kipps,Gnute,Lettsrumble, or Kreow in game.

KoO is looking for solid HEALERS and TANKS to fill core spots in forming our 25 man raid team. We are also looking for strong melee & range DPS.

Current Progression - 3/7 Raid Bosses Down 10man(looking to start 25's soon)
bump for progression, need more peoples horde side.
Need some good dps to fill out our 25's. 2 down our first 25 man tonight
Guild level 25
12/12 10 man
Still looking to fill out 25 man group pst someone from KoO in game or check out our site. ( http://koo.guildlaunch.com) Not looking for any casuals we need raiders who can show up 3 days a week.

Can I have the legendary?
bump for more for 4.2
Resto Drood Arc Mage Prot Pally and Arms War looking for a new home =) All mine lol
up for more heals
now 2/7 need of heals, tanks , and ranged for 25s
Currently 6/7 bump for more peoples for 25 man
You're more gear'd than me.


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