<H> Knights of Oblivion recruiting for 25 man

Aerie Peak
ARG it be monkeyburner! wtf why the hell is it so hard to get a hold of koo these days? where is my rummble? where is laro, gnute, kipps, rogue, kei, crows, everyone?? i are most sad. someone respond ohh tell orc he is an !@# but i love him lol
lmao im not exactly sure be seems to me like koo is still hurting for peeps...i just might be persuaded to reactivate my account ;) considering that things look favorable to me :)
currently 3/7 heroic 10 man looking for 1 healer and 1 dps.
bump for 1 dps
Still searching for that 1 dps that would like a new home for the rest of 4.2 and 4.3 spot is not for a bench spot but for a core spot.
Currently 5/8 ds looking for 1 raid healer for our main 10 man group. Raid nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 6:30 server.

Also looking for more for our second man group, need all, if interested plz hit me up in game thanks.
hey you still need that raid healer? also is it a bench spot or core? im transfering by the 19th/20th
bump now 6/8 still looking for that 1 healer for group 1 that runs tue, thur, sunday, 630-10 server.
Also still looking for more for our second group who is 3/8 need all for that. They run wed 630-10 server .
now 7/8 looking for one consistent healer for group 1 and a few more for our second group.
If we can get enough will be starting 25 mans soon.
now 8/8 still looking for more for heroic ds.
Now 1/8 heroic still looking for more for our second group and to try to get 25s going
need consistent dps that can show up
now 3/8 heroic ds looking for 1 solid player. Tank Heals, dps doesnt matter just need 1 solid person that can show up.
seeking 1 ranged dps. Real life issues are holding back progression it seems. Would like any ranged dps that can show up for raids.
You know, a solid bump can always be used.
This one's for Larokos!
^^ I approve this message, KoO is one of the larger, more progressive based guilds.
If you want to be cool and get into the big leagues, They're gonna take you far friends.
now 4/8 heroic still looking for that 1 person for heroic raiding.

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