<H> Knights of Oblivion recruiting for 25 man

Aerie Peak
5/8 heroic now need 1 solid dps
still looking for that 1 dps
Looking to rebuild core team due to people quitting for d3, jobs, school ect. Need 1 healer, 1 tank and some dps to help finish up the content. Currently 6/8 pst for more info.
need 3 solid ranged dps to help finish out the xpack
bump for 3 ranged dps to help push spine and madness on tuesday
lf 1 ranged dps and 1 healer for spine then madness
8/8 heroic now still looking for more for mop and to help finish up group 2
Grats on 8/8H guys. Keep pushin for 25s! Free bump.
bump for more for mop looking to get into 25 mans. Also trying to get a 2nd 8/8 group so if you want a spot pst me.
still looking for more for our 2nd group now 6/8
currently 5/6 msv and 1/6 hof needing more members to help rebuild the raid team. Lost a few people to rl stuff and one guild swap. 1 heals perf and plenty of dps.
well seems like ap horde raiding is dead so we will be moving on else where. We had a good run, just the server is dead, good luck in the future.

I posted in your guild recruitment thread, but wanted to reach out here as well. Below is a bit about us, but we've got a good core and just need to finish out the rest of the raid and a group like yours could really be a good fit if the details work out. Add me on RealID: Kamari#1205 to talk more.

We started a new 25m guild at the end of Cata in hopes of rekindling the fun that a good raid environment used to be (many of us took a break sometime during Cata/DS especially) and we have been able to build a solid core but need a few more to really get us going. We are in need of core healers still as this time and if you showed up consistently a raid spot is definitely available to you if all works out. Most of the core that started has raid experience going back to Vanilla/BC but we are very open to newer raiders and willing to help out if the people are willing to learn and except advice.

Currently 6/6 MC 2/6 HoF, we spent much of the first month recruiting and not able to run 25m's.

We raid Tues/Thurs/Sun 8-11pm EST (sometimes 11:30 to push a kill and sometimes a Monday clean-up raid but not mandatory).

Recruitment is slow on our server as it's a low/med pop, but the server still has an identity and we enjoy that and are committed to bringing another stable 25m guild to the server.

Battletag = Kamari#1205

Let me know if you have any questions or also visit our website at: www.cubiclelagmandos.com

Thanks for taking the time!

decided to stay a few got a few new heads and made some progression again, currently 6/6 msv and 1/6 hof still in need of more

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