ATTN: Philmore Gallows

Burning Legion
I miss you. Do you still play WoW? I need my leet priest heelz for when I body pull Ebonroc before we finish trash.
The is Leethealz from Legäcy.... is anyone still out there playing?
Dami checking in.

God it's been almost a decade since we played together.

I talk with Antiva every couple months and he's well. I'm also facebook friends with Knighter and though we don't actually chat he's doing really well. I stalked Muatmessmoko's facebook down a couple months ago and haven't fired off the friend invite quite yet. I should.

Sometimes I wonder what Turn and Jessah are up to. Zurie too.

Nine years feels like a lifetime.
Yo its Zurie,

this is my character now. I am on Arthas. ;)
Awww snap! Guess who's back! Kickin it on whisperwind with frylock. Sadly I have had some trouble recovering my old account so the original Philly G. and gallowstwo may be gone forever. Still feels good to see some familiar faces.
Frylock/Fyz reporting in. Have been idle lately but getting back into it with Senor Gallows. Glad to see the Legacy crowd is still alive and well.

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