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I particularly like my sound effects and music, but the one sound I can't stand hearing playing a class is the one when you mash a button and it's not ready yet, and the sound that goes while you're casting/channeling. Does anyone know if there is an add-on or a way to disable it?
  • Download and browse Bluspacecow's Sound File List (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info13194) or download MPQViewer (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/mpqviewer.aspx) and find the file in one of the MPQs named something like PriestSpell.wav (not actual name) in the directory Sound\Spells (may not be actual location).

  • Once you've found the name of the sound you don't want to hear, create the Sound\Spells directory inside your WoW directory.

  • Open up Notepad or a text editor of your choice and save the blank document in Sound\Spells, choosing "All Files" as the type and naming it PriestSpell.wav

  • Now whenever the game plays the PriestSpell.wav file, it will play silence instead of the actual sound. You can also rename a .wav sound file of your choice PriestSpell.wav and place it in the Sound\Spells directory to have the game play that sound instead of the original sound.
  • This doesn't work as per 4.0. I have to have a way to edit the .mpq file, but I can't find a program that will open them and let me fiddle with the files, the two that you've listed here open them in read-only.
    Is there maybe an add-on that does this?
    You don't need to edit the MPQ files (and editing them may or may not be against the ToS). You should be able to place a file in the same directory with the same name as one in the MPQ file without changing anything in the MPQ file.
    The files are all in a compilation inside the MPQ, which I believe are all extracted from that file. Unless there is a local file of the same thing that WoW draws upon every time it plays the sound, then I'm just not seeing it
    You provide an alternate file path to the mpq. Wow checks for it before it defaults to mpq.
    This was done to allow us to replace sound files legally since i do believe modding the mpq directly is against tos.
    Okay, how do I provide an alternate path to the .mpq? I can access and stare at them with the .mpq editor, but that's all I can figure out.
    Download this list:

    It gives you the file path for all sounds (though you gotta kind guess by name and folder structure which sound is the one you're looking for). Bluespacecow lists you the examples of how to do it and relevant threads with instructions.
    edit: Links are out of date. Lemme find a newer one. Sec.

    Maybe I'll just write it out.
    File path is
    World of Warcraft/Data/Sound/xxxx

    xxx will depend on the path listed in the list above I gave you the link for eg. for worgen sniffing:

    World of Warcraft/Data/Sound/Creatures/worgensoundfilenamehere

    eg. read this thread:

    if it's vehicles it'll be
    World of Warcraft/Data/Sound/Vehicles/soundfilename

    Look for "fizzle" There is one for each school of magic and maybe a general one, IIRC. Those are the sounds you're after.

    NB: As of 4.0, your replacement sound files must be in .mp3 format (even if they are blank), rather than .wav.
    NB: As of 4.0, your replacement sound files must be in .mp3 format (even if they are blank), rather than .wav.

    In terms of the files themselves that's not accurate.

    Most of the .wav sounds were replaced with .ogg files.

    In any case use the file that was updated by one of my co-authors to get the exact path and file name you need.
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    Tested it myself, wanted to mute the flap wing sound.
    of the 3 extensions only .wav worked.

    I mean, in Sound file list
    /script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\WingFlaps\\GiantWingFlap1.ogg")
    .. 3 more files for this particular sound

    but for example:

    ../World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\WingFlaps\GiantWingFlap1.wav
    ../World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\WingFlaps\GiantWingFlap1.mp3
    ../World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\WingFlaps\GiantWingFlap1.ogg

    alternating between the three, only the .wav one does the effect of muting or overwriting the real sound.
    A good addon for finding sounds is AudioX. It lets you play any game sound in-game by just clicking it. Makes it easier to match the sound up with the one in-game.
    It still can be difficult, since Blizz re-uses sounds, so many have names that don't have any relationship to the NPC or action.
    I just replace them with a blank wav file. Some I've taken care of so far:

    Screaming goblin(s) at the slums bank in Org:
    World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Character\PCGoblinMale\VO_PCGoblinMale_Roar01.ogg
    World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Character\PCGoblinMale\VO_PCGoblinMale_Roar02.ogg
    World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Character\PCGoblinMale\VO_PCGoblinMale_Roar03.ogg

    Core Hound pet idle barking
    World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\CoreHoundPet\CoreHoundPup_Clickable_01.wav
    World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\CoreHoundPet\CoreHoundPup_Clickable_02.wav
    World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\CoreHoundPet\CoreHoundPup_Clickable_03.wav

    (The gyrocopter idle shutdown, clank onto ground, restart idle loop:
    World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\Gyrocopter\GyrocopterStallInAirLong.wav
    World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\Gyrocopter\GyrocopterStallOnGroundLong.wav
    World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\Gyrocopter\GyrocopterStandVar1_A.wav
    World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\Gyrocopter\GyrocopterStandVar1_B.wav
    World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\Gyrocopter\GyrocopterStandVar1_Bnew.wav

    Idle screeching sounds from guild scorpion mount:
    \World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\SilithidWasp\mSilithidWaspAttackA.wav
    \World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\SilithidWasp\mSilithidWaspAttackB.wav
    \World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\SilithidWasp\mSilithidWaspAttackC.wav

    Still trying to find the one for the blacksmith's clanking hammer in Org in the Tauren section :(
    What about sound effects that are not found in the standard sound.mpq file? For example, sounds and voices that are only found in the expansion mpq files, like Illidan or Kael'Thas?

    Can these sounds even be changed, and if so, is it the same path as with the previous examples, or would it be in a different folder?
    All boss speech should be in the list that blue made, combined from all mpqs. I can't tell you which particular speech file you're looking for but one of the ones in the list with the name Illidan in it, will have it.
    This worked great ^^ i feel that possibilities for Personalization are now wide open
    I'm really sick of this irritating sound as well. Gotta listen to it constantly any time I am in a city.

    I'm not surprised Blizzard is ignoring the issue either. Very disappointed.
    I'm really sick of this irritating sound as well. Gotta listen to it constantly any time I am in a city.

    I'm not surprised Blizzard is ignoring the issue either. Very disappointed.

    Blizzard has given us the tools to mute or replace any sound in the game.

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