Oldschool thread - who is still around?

Vesperia here of Myths Fury.... alliance

just popped in to see who all stuck around.

I recently came back to this game and have seen a guild named Vesperia... and a character named Vesperia. I found that interesting.

shout outs if youre still around...

nogard and his lame brother ??? talking about baby yogurt -_-

COL? Exordium? Aftermath?

and the gold farmers...
and that goon squad epic geared gold farmer warrior that fought darge in battle of the gold farmers... whats his name...

anyawys blah. miss this server and the memories.
Thoren - gone
Wubwub - plays alts from time to time
Rubberducky - gone, more than likely plays flavor of the month new game
Conando - gone
aynjayde - not sure, doesn't play on mal'ganis anymore
Akua - not sure, doesn't play on mal'ganis anymore
Anglakel/Amstrong - transferred to scilla to play with casual, lost touch
Catnip - gone forever ago after EU broke up
Urthwyte - I think I saw him on horde a few months back but probably gone
Matrules - Not on Mal'ganis if he plays, probably still dualwielding deathbringers
Lilac - Not on Mal'ganis if he plays
Clownboat - Sold his account, was on Mal'ganis for a while not sure anymore.
Nogard - Not on Mal'ganis if he plays
Bontchimuz or w/e - Still posts from time to time, is still lame.

COL - Gone
Exordium - probably would find the largest majority number of their remaining players that still play together in guild <Casual> on Scilla.
Aftermath - Still around.

Gold Farmers:
Banned. People don't farm gold anymore they hack accounts and sell off all vendorable items or bot gathering skills. The farmer was Stronger and was in <Aeternus>.
hey kemo! good to see youre still around.

i could list tons more........... especially from EJ

perhaps you can flat out say who is still around? lol
Um.. for alliance not too many people really. If you armory the guild <The Drift> you're most likely to find any original alliance players that you would remember. Things spiraled out of control population wise after Vanilla and then much worse going into WoTLK. If you search Mal'ganis there is one (1) single solitary alliance guild on the listed pages of WoWprogress. There are also a few you might remember in <Grief>. Arcan and some other players are on Mal'ganis alliance now for PVP purposes in guild <Dads of WoW>.

Aftermath and EJ have a lot of familiar faces you might remember. A lot of original Mal'ganis horde players in other guilds play different characters now and have been assimilated into new guilds. Guilds like GCR and Zzq are still around but the faces are so different I doubt you'd recognize any of them if not but a short few. I can only really speak for the EJ raid team when I say that we have a large percentage of players who have been on this server since inception, albeit in different guilds at times. Most of the <Aeternus> players who are still around are in EJ, except for I think Hope who is in <Aftermath>, Hvitserk and Gorek who started a 10man guild with some RL buddies, and the few that play casually that stayed in <Aeternus>. Ishaxa quit last expansion, may be back at some point.
Oh I forgot that Evilsteve and Cheryl still play as Vsteve and Echeryl on Mal'ganis Horde. They're in Aftermath currently iirc.
hmmm if pvp queues are instant for alliance here... ill talk to my pvp horde guild and see if anyone wants to move over and go alliance... or just reroll.

Sure. Just keep in mind that just because of the fact that alliance is underpopulated doesn't mean they're desperate. Some people seem to switch from Horde thinking they'll be embraced with open arms and the red carpet will roll out for them as saviors of the alliance. However, this is not the case. There's certainly ways into these guilds, but it's likely more along the ways of a traditional application process. If you plan to bring your own guild well that's probably not anything you need to worry about then.

This server is quite overpopulated so expect anything like gathering to be a real pain. Also, you might want to bring your own gems/enchanting supplies as I've heard they're somewhat hard to come by on alliance. I can't emphasize enough how nearly dead the population of Mal'ganis alliance is. It's probably fantastic if you have a group of pvp-geared players looking to world pvp, do the new Tol barad pvp zone, or queue up for BG's. If you have interest in nearly any other facet of the game it's not something I'd recommend.
Alliance side there are a few nice casual guilds that accept most people (of a certain lvl mind you) and you can find a lot of people to do queues with and arenas. Im actually all for more horde xferring off mal in exchange for more ally. Just makes the world better
Tommyd still makes guilds and people still try to pin him as a bank ninja.
I whip my hair back and forth.
<Nocturn> Pride, World-Wide.
Apping to <Dads of Wow>
The farmer was Stronger and was in <Aeternus>.

Taking Stronger to MC. Good times.
01/20/2011 2:00 PMPosted by Tommydeh
I whip my hair back and forth.

I need a ginvite.
the afternoon shift sevencolour was by far the best pvp farmer on alliance.

Hi, Darknea.
RIP people who use to play the game but dont anymore for various reasons idk.
RIP Nocturn, righteous kickflip, etc.

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