Oldschool thread - who is still around?

There are several old Bee A Honey members in the guilds Taurential Reign and Spoony Bards.
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I whip my hair back and forth.

I need a ginvite.

I will make it happen.
Please never use my name and put that link within the same forum. It's disgusting! O.o

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03/27/2011 09:48 AMPosted by Somethingawf
RIP people who use to play the game but dont anymore for various reasons idk.
I'm still here

Matrules - Not on Mal'ganis if he plays, probably still dualwielding deathbringers

he and some myths fury A team people transferred to horde and made the guild Defeat and he was still playing on some other name as of about a year ago
Apping to <Dads of Wow>

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Atolf, that's Mirk playing Matrules' warrior. Also Urthwyte plays in the guild Dark Carnival on several different characters. I forget which server... Hyjal maybe.
01/20/2011 02:00 PMPosted by Tommydeh
I whip my hair back and forth.

I'm intrigued. You're in Rakee's old guild.
Last time I checked, there was only one active guild on alliance side & everyone was joining it.
Sure. Just keep in mind that just because of the fact that alliance is underpopulated doesn't mean they're desperate. Some people seem to switch from Horde thinking they'll be embraced with open arms and the red carpet will roll out for them as saviors of the alliance. However, this is not the case. There's certainly ways into these guilds, but it's likely more along the ways of a traditional application process. If you plan to bring your own guild well that's probably not anything you need to worry about then.

This server is quite overpopulated so expect anything like gathering to be a real pain. Also, you might want to bring your own gems/enchanting supplies as I've heard they're somewhat hard to come by on alliance. I can't emphasize enough how nearly dead the population of Mal'ganis alliance is. It's probably fantastic if you have a group of pvp-geared players looking to world pvp, do the new Tol barad pvp zone, or queue up for BG's. If you have interest in nearly any other facet of the game it's not something I'd recommend.

Kemo is the only one who understands the plight of the serfs.
I'm friends with thoren on FB lulz

he's too good for wow anymore...LOL.

I played on MG-ally on release and was in Praetorian Guards.

name was Lexicon :D (Lil gnome rogue with pink hair)
Old Alliance, Myths Fury, Townsend here. I miss my WubWub. And Holy crap with TommyD and Kemo still being around. Not sure how nostalgic this all really is. I mostly just quit/ left when Ret guild came around and the server got unbearable. Oh well. So Vesperia and I are back in the swing of things (mostly out of boredom) And wondered whats up with everyone.
<Nocturn> Pride!

Flamez, reporting in.
Rose colored necro bump
01/20/2011 10:27 AMPosted by Kemosabe
Bontchimuz or w/e - Still posts from time to time, is still lame.

Bontch is playing SWTOR right now. He's still fail I mean Canadian.

02/22/2012 06:45 PMPosted by Nezzy
Rose colored necro bump

Oh hey I should pay attention to post dates.
I didn't know bontch was canadian - declare thineself taylormomsen
02/22/2012 06:51 PMPosted by Nezzy
I didn't know bontch was canadian - declare thineself taylormomsen

I'm new to Mal'ganis but he's been in my guild for years.
I've read your rambling, nonsensical posts and I hope you'll return me the favor. I commited the unforgivable act of jumping into a pile of logs on the roof of the Horde base in Warsong Gulch on the day that everyone found out about the logout macro that lets you jump into the air. Considering how you are completely clueless about everything else that goes on around you, I am undoubtedly sure that you have no idea what macro I'm talking about despite it being huge news that day (your defense I'm sure will be 'but im not a exploitery wuld i no about tat``, don't even try to feign ignorance in this matter as your members know about Syndrome and other trainers and undoubtedly would have heard about this as well). I was on the roof with the flag and thought, what the hell, I'm going to jump on top of these logs (where I can still be hit by ranged) since Apathy is running up side and he is a huge tool. I was honestly very surprised that he did not post a crybaby thread immediately after the game, but fortunately he did not let me down in the end. I was up there for less than two minutes, and if you look at that screenshot I am at half health and dropping quickly. It was completely spur of the moment, and I would like you to find a SINGLE other person, anywhere, who can attest to me ever exploiting or even doing anything that resembles griefing in a battleground game (note miko: spitting is not griefing). This was completely spur-of-the-moment, and if you think it was done in fear of our BG team losing to the dreaded ILLICIT organized group and Apathy, the greatest warrior to ever grace Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin with his awe-inspiring presence, I am so sorry.

Do you think I care what ILLICIT thinks about me? I've had the privilege of pvping with the best organized group on this server, and while I don't care what a bunch of morons who feel that they deserve some sort of acknowledgement for steamrolling public Horde groups could possibly have to say about me, a few of the people who I regularly queue up with might (though honestly not after this). If I really exploited regularly in battlegrounds, I can ensure you that I would not be invited back. I find it hilarious how Apathy has tried to slander my reputation with this post after a few light-hearted jabs at him, and he has just had the entire thing blow up in his face, and received a brutal !@#-stomping in an AB by us right after as well. If you are so light-skinned that you take it personally after I post a thread titled "Apathy crits you for 400", you must be emo.

I am so sorry that you feel the need to accuse me of being some sort of exploiter in order to make you and your compatriots feel better about losing, and shattering your illusions that you can somehow even begin to compare yourselves to us in terms of skill. Undoubtedly you will cry to yourselves in Ventrillo every time we beat you in the future, consoling yourselves with the lie that we had to "exploit" to beat you. You will lick your wounds with the same tongues that you use to spoon one another's cornholes after a succesful game against a mish-mash of <Nocturn>, <Killtrocity>, <Void>, <Goon Squad>, and the like, patting yourselves on the back for accomplishments that mean nothing.

I look forward to the multiple crybaby posts you will make after these games for months to come. Unfortunately, I'm not looking forward to seeing you stumble pathetically through your attempt to utilize the English language on the internet, and hope you invest in a spellchecker. I'm not going to lie, I love having my ego stoked, and this thread has served to do so quite well.

ILLICIT is the worst organized Alliance PvP group on the server. I hope all of you realize this, because it is the absolute truth, and I doubt any Horde will contest it. You guys are terrible, and please don't try to use gear as an excuse because it isn't. Apathy is a horrible player and Elflord deserves to be Grand Marshall more than he does. I don't see your guild being around next year as any of your players with an IQ greater than that of a houseplant will undoubtedly leave for greener pastures (MF)where they are not surrounded by dimwits like you. Everything about you is horrible; the guild name and names of your players, your inability to neither PvE or PvP effectively, your members, and your crybaby attitude. Have fun losing to anything that isn't a random Horde group, and congratulations to Apathy on becoming the next Barlow (horrible player with tenacity). You've earned it, whiner.

also grats on splitting your AB group into wsg groups after that $%^ stomping, and by the way its A - SYS - TOL - EE, I know it is a very difficult name to read and pronounce but I have no clue how you got "asystoytle" from it. I look forward to any more replies you post in this thread, and thanks to Self Titled for hopping in, because we really need more Alliance guilds composed of people with the maturity of ten-year-olds in here.

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