Trading In Game Gold for In Game Pets

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Also because the price for those items is set by Blizzard. Buying them with gold is tantamount to gold selling.
01/21/2011 5:36 PMPosted by Pheatruby
I don't buy any of this. You can call it what you want or word it how ever you want but when it comes right down to it they are selling in game pixels for real life $$.

But w/e I am out of here.

...don't be surprised if you're suspended, have the items removed, and not refunded the gold, then.
Circular logic appears to be going ciruclarly here, so let's go ahead and add a lock.

In-game goods for in-game gold = okay

Out of game goods for out of game gold = okay

In-game goods for out of game gold = not okay

Out of game goods for in-game gold = not okay

As far as the pet store is concerned, those are a service we provide, similar to Character Transfers, Race Changes, and Faction Changes. It is a payment for services rendered, not the exchange of goods between two players, which is what the above rules are an outline for.

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