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Yay for a sitcky! :)
Hello, Moon Guard! In my quest to better myself for Roleplaying this here Orc, I have come up with an almost complete guide on how you could go about developing your very own Human, Gnome, Night Elf, Dwarf, Dreanei, Worgen, Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf, or Goblin! I hope to give a simple guide on how I develop my characters in hopes the community here could benefit from it! However, I'm not telling people how they should go about developing their character.

'Chapters' of Character Development:

1. Basic Development - Basic Storyline, Likes & Dislikes, Personality, Looks
2. Complex Development - Who are you? Why are you here? Traits?
3. Your Background Story - What does it need?
4. Conclusion - What have we learned from this guide?
5. Not a chapter - Community Additions

Chapter 1: Basic Development

Hello, and greetings! I see you have found yourself on Moon Guard! A very heavy, populated Roleplaying realm. While we have a lot of 'bad' Rpers, we also have some of the best Rpers of all time. In my time here ( about 2 years ), I have had many of my characters fall flat on their faces because I couldn't develop a basic storyline, likes, dislikes, and their personality.

Basic Storyline:

While this isn't exactly needed for Rping, it can help you develop your character! A basic sotryline could simply be your quest to get to your last season, joining a guild, or making friends. While this may sound silly, making a storyline that includes the public is actually a good idea. You make your character more developed by getting to know them better through storylines; atleast thats what I have concluded from my experience of about 5 years of Rp. In our OOC chat, we were talking about how a phrase could = a story line. "Wounded Warrior" was one that made my mind wonder. "I was wounded in the 2rd war, and that is why I cannot fight anymore. Can you help me?" that alone could amount to hours of Rp.

:) Like & Dislikes :(

This is very important in playing your character. You must have a solid like and dislike 'system' in order to go about your Rp. Do you like Taverns, or prefer traveling? Remember, IC =/= OOC, so if your dislike, say fruit, then perhaps you shouldn't take your OOC fruitism IC. Perhaps make your Orc love fruit!

Here is a list of possible likes and dislikes your character may like, or dislike!

Any race on Azeroth
Certain Beverages
Big City
Small Towns
Sexual Intercourse - Ehem...
City Leaders

And many more! I didn't make a certain 'Like' and 'Dislike' list, but those are just very basic ideas.

Now, I'm sure you are all going, 'lolwat' right now. Hear me out for a moment, please. Let's say you are a beautiful Drawf. Your golden locks ride the wind as you run for that.. Totem. As you near the totem, you trip! Oh no, your hair has now torn. Does your character react to as a bad thing? Or a way to invent a new medicine to grow back your lost hair. Your characters have feelings towards their looks; we all do. If they are too skinny, you may play them as tryign to gain weight, which will, in turn, give you a good solid hour, half hour of Rping out a meal with someone. This can affect how your character acts around their curshes; if they believe they are not good enough, perhaps they will try and make themselves prettier/more handsome.
Even if a person didn't take a lot from this, it could at least help with triggering ideas on developing a personality they want to play. It's not telling anyone they have to be a certain way. I think it could definitely be helpful.
A very lovely and easy to follow guide for beginner roleplayers unsure of where to begin. I only have two tips to add!

1: If you find you are nervous when it comes to approaching others for roleplay, then the WORST thing you can do to yourself is make a shy character that closely resembles yourself. If you are shy and your character is shy, you will make it all the harder to get involved in the roleplay!

Suggestions: make a racist character who wants to make everyone of x race know they don't like them, make a bubbly/friendly healer who runs around healing people from all the RP fights or blessing them, make an opinionated snob who always is complimenting or scoffing at someone's fashion statements, play a character who is looking for someone (it doesn't have to be a real person NPC or otherwise) and have them go around showing a photograph or drawing and asking if x person has been seen.

Come up with a character who has SOME personality flaw or quirk that causes them to get involved, rather than sit in a corner reading a book and hoping for RP to come to you!

2: You don't have to write a novel to get started! Start with a few personality traits and a few major lifetime events (such as what made them become x class or y profession, do they have a cause like saving animals from poaching or promoting Gilnean-Human relations, what happened to their parents and how did it affect them, etc) and go from there. Some of my best RP ideas came from just going with the flow and letting OTHERS ask me questions and making me come up with some answer on the spot!

A few of my favorite character creation guides that are more indepth.

-This first one is my all time most cherished website I go to when making a new character. It lays down a framework with a printable profile page to let you write notes on and keep at your desk to refer to or add more information as you further develop your RP!

-This site just gives a brief profile and overview of the various races and how they might feel towards each other by race and class.

-A 100 questions about your character survey that makes your head reel but usually I just skim through the sections and questions when I have an alt in mind because it makes me think about things I might not have otherwise!
Strangely enough, I find that I have already done most of this stuff without ever seeing this post. I've been RPing for a grand total of 6 days now, and I think I've got a pretty solid understanding of what Edyrem is like.
Nicely done guide. The only thing I would recommend, as Kyir said above, instead of fleshing out a huge amount of likes and dislikes would be to pick one or two that your character would refuse to budge on, then let your future roleplay dictate the rest. That, in my opinion, gives more fluidity and allows for character growth to happen without having to think too hard to recall every last detail before you ever get started.
01/23/2011 10:24 AMPosted by Daggles
I agree with Kyir, sexuality doesn't matter in the slightest. Even if it did, you really should've added the other orientations.

EDIT: Fixed a typo.

So many famous people agreeing with me.

Did my earlier post seriously get deleted?

I thought it made a valid point.
01/23/2011 11:34 PMPosted by Kyir
Did my earlier post seriously get deleted?

I thought it made a valid point.

Sexual orientations, I presume?
01/23/2011 11:38 PMPosted by Kalital
Did my earlier post seriously get deleted?

I thought it made a valid point.

Sexual orientations, I presume?

I said that I don't think that they're important enough to be 100% defined.

Then I said that I believe that having a huge list of things that are definite for a character makes them feel robotic.

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