pally tank lf somewhat early raiding guild

346i level pally tank looking for a raiding guild that is done by about 8pm server time.

I have looked through the amazing amount of guild recruitment posts, but I fail at seeing which ones end early. seems most of the ones I looked at end near 10pm or midnight.

as far as experience, i have played/raided since the days of ZG/mc/aq. Killed Illidan in BC on a resto druid, worked through cata on him and was one of the first few guilds to get an algalon kill at the time. Was within the first 3 groups to get a 10m perfect run in TOC. Took some time off during ICC release, but have completed all kills except LK on HM before the 4.0 patch.

I am also working on a holy set, but I prefer to tank at this point.

might also be looking to bring a holy priest with me to help raid if there is a spot.
Perpetual Motion raids decently early. 6-9 server time. Mon-thurs. If that helps. Good luck in your search.
Still searching for an early raiding guild. Almost done with holy set if a healer position is needed.

9 pm is still a little to late sadly, im on west coast and wake up at 330am, and raids never end on time during progression. Im an old man of 35, so i needs my beauty sleep. Seems like id probly be better on an east coast server.

Maybe as another option, are their any guilds that run on friday/saturday nights looking to fill a tank or healer role on an off night raid ?

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