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I was watching a few youtube videos on WoW and realized some comments were saying that people that click are bad. Not sure why thats a problem. I'm just asking a legit question about why clicking is bad. and plz don't put "cuz its for bads" or "only noobs do it", i want a legit answer with explanation :P
You're kidding right?

I mean... it's clicking.

Not only is it slower to click each ability than to press a button for each, the mouse should also be used for turning, targeting, etc. If you're trying to click and do these things, you get mixed up.
Its slower to click and move then it is to press a button which mean u lose DPS or HPS. And may miss a mob while tanking.
It's faster to keybind.

Try turning with your mouse, you can do a 180 instantly. Now do it with keyboard. A lot slower. It takes getting used to, but you start to use your mouse to move, and your keyboard for abilities.

Now try to move with your mouse, and click abilities. It's impossible.

That's the main reason.
if you are a clicker you need to force yourself into keybinds if you ever plan to be a competitive player.
Using key binds is faster and frees up the mouse to be used for turning.
if you are capable of typing without having to look at your keyboard, kebinding will always be faster then clicking your skills. if you have to look down though, keybinding is not for you. you CAN speed up clicking by modifying your UI, binding some of your abilities to mouse buttons with addons and yes, you can even mouseturn/straffe while clicking to the point where you will be more effective then half the keybinders out there.

it is however true that fastest keybinder will always be faster then fastest clicker. it is also true that a lot of the newer players start off clicking their abilities, and they are not very good, but its not because they are clickers, but rather because they are new and haven't figured out how to play their characters yet.

lastly, someone binding their abilities is not a guarantee of a good, skilled player. someone clicking their ability doesn't automatically equals someone who stands in fire, no matter how much some people would like to believe the opposite.
Why does everyone seem to think that if someone clicks one ability, they click every ability? I assumed most real "clickers" are just keybind/clicker hybrids. People get up in arms and throw a hissy fit when they see someone who clicked their hearthstone, which is why the term "clicker" becomes synonymous with anyone who doesn't keybind every single ability.
Cast times and global cooldowns mean you're not faster or slower than someone using keybinds if you're able to click very quickly. For global cooldown-free moves though, you're at a disadvantage. I personally have like 3 abilities that I click, just out of habit.
I click things like Bloodlust and my ghost puppies
As everyone above me has stated, keybinding is faster than clicking, and also allows you to keep your eyes on the field, not on your action bar.

About the only abilities I think a player can justify clicking are ones that have 4+ minute cooldowns. For example, bloodlust. You don't have to waste a keybind on that.
the acutal difference between clicking and keybinding is almost negligable outside of arena, and one or two old raids.

keybinding is faster, but this game isnt so reflex depentandt as to make it game breaking. i personaly find a mix of both to be the most fun. mouse movement/turning when needed/on hard bosses. clicking when doing mindless dailies to make them more active.

despite what the forums will tell you, the best answer is what you have the most fun playing. if you like clicking go on doing it, if you want to be the best of the best... then keybind and mouse move. if you want to mix them up go ahead.
i click on my second bar, that has taunt and all my cooldowns i need to pop as a last resort to spamming my 1233453465367348
Generally it is faster to cast spells than to move around your bars with your mouse. Example you want to hit arcane missile after a fireball. Instead of having to move your mouse find your spell icon and than click it, all you have to do is say Hit R to cast fireball, than if you get the arcane missile proc you just immediately lets say T to cast. It is a lot faster than clicking and time matters in WoW.

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