Feral PvP Hit Rating

So I read through the stickied Feral guide by Yawning to find what the appropriate hit caps are for PvP and PvE and read that hit rating is overall a bad stats for feral druids, but I'm skeptical.

Specifically for PvP, does anyone have any insight to the benefits (if any) of achieving the 5% hit cap for players? I don't want miss chance do I?
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I don't raid much, but for future reference's sake, is PvE hit cap desirable at all?
For pve, don't worry bout hit. Hit and Expertise are way way way down the list for desirable stats.

Agi > Mastery > Crit > Haste > Expertise > Hit
Hmm that makes sense.
I suppose since we don't lose combo points on misses, dodge etc., and because of the reliability of bleeds, its logical that hit and expertise would be worse for us.
This may be off-base, but I've been frustrated with binary resists etc. in arenas (like on cyclones and roots). Do you think it would be beneficial to stat a small amount of spell pen., (maybe on cloak or something) or do you think this would be a frivolous waste of potential DPS output.
Agi > Mastery > Crit > Haste > Expertise > Hit

for pvp, get to 5% hit then go with the above.
01/20/2011 1:37 AMPosted by Feralmel
Agi > Mastery > Crit > Haste > Expertise > Hit

for pvp, get to 5% hit then go with the above.
At least 95 to negate MotW/Kings. It's more when you face Mages with Mage Armor, or Shamans with their totems.
97 resist on MotW/Kings.
195 for Shaman resist totem.
+45 for Mage Armors.

I just did two +50 spell pen gems in the blue slots.
Ok wow, very good to know.
Ill probably stack 70 spell pen (the cloak enchant) to at least minimize my binary resists... IMO binary resists are poor game design, arenas that are lost simply due to CC's not working are extremely frustrating and do not reflect skill in my opinion.
Yep, two stormy ocean sapphires should do it in your blue sockets 50 spell pen each.

I am still torn on the hit, i am way low but if i reforge to get to the hit cap i loose a lot of mastery (this is PvP wise) i tried to reforge up to the hit cap once and ended up in a 45 minute draw against a warrior druid team the next match. After that fun experience i went and reforged everything back to mastery. Probably had a lot to do with me, and my gear sucking not being able to drop either the warrior or the druid but still i think if i would have had the extra mastery that game i could have done better.

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