Cataclysm Questing is So Linear

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I have enjoyed the expansion somewhat but man could the questing be any more linear? I can't skip any quests because if I did, I would not be able to do any more quests in that zone. Every zone is one big linear story. And with so many cutscenes like in Uldum, you feel like you are are watching and not a participant.

The irony?

Blizzard's overuse of linear phasing has killed the one thing they were trying to give us: more immersion and the feeling that our characters can make a difference.

Both Goblin and Worgen starting areas are the same. Quest hub, quest hub destroyed, quest hub, quest hub destroyed, quest hub, quest hub destroyed.

Anyone else agree?
You didn't feel like you made a difference when you were killing all the major MC bosses, or when you Fight with thrall against Deathwing?
I dont know.. I kinda like new questing model. Yea its linear but it also makes me feel like part of the story rather than just a fedex courier.
How does it prevent you from feeling like you made a difference? Yes, it takes you quest hub to quest hub. So what?

Does jumping to a quest hub 5 miles away to kill a bunch of boars, then jumping back somehow seem more immersive? I'm not buying that argument.
It was always linear.
I love linear quest , it's much better than the chaotic nonsense quest that other exp had.
Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD.

Phasing with almost every quest turn in is cool, but what i rea
The fact that at any given level in game there are multiple zones you can pick from to level in, finding a good quest chain in the zone you like and running with it is about as much 'choice' as you'll find in a themepark MMO.

Not only are the quests linear, but leveling is too fast and the rewards make crafting almost pointless while leveling. I wonder how many of these people who praise the linear questing system, also are an altaholic. The new system was a great ride the first time, now with each pass through the ride it gets boring. Not to mention the gameplay is just too easy, it almost requires you try to kill yourself to die.
01/20/2011 1:07 PMPosted by Qa
I have no idea what you're talking about. The new "linear" model makes me feel like my character actually does something, instead of stumbling around with no direction, looking for the next NPC to be a fruit/meat/bone/poop gathering betch for.

Pretty much this. Instead of asking people where to go next or checking a website, it's right there. Also, sometimes these quests branch out into many different areas of the zone (think Deepholm and Uldum) so it is up to you to pick what you'd like to do next.
01/20/2011 1:09 PMPosted by Tyrenn
No but a couple things I forgot to mention was "choice" and "exploration".

Exploring was great in Vanilla. In this new expansion with all the zones changed you would think when leveling up exploring would be high on the radar, simply because you may find a stray quest giver hidden in a cave or something like that.
You failed to mention them, but they're wholly irrelevant to the things you did mention. Are you just moving the goalpost?
And the areas I actually enjoyed had too few quests, while the ones I hated had far too many...
I definitely felt immersed in the story in this expansion, with the possible exception of Twilight Highlands. In Hyjal, you were the one tasked with freeing the spirits and infiltrating the Twilight Cult, climaxing in YOU helping a demigod and two powerful druids fight an elemental lord. And you weren't just sitting there dpsing, you had to actually help them survive.

Vashj'ir, same story. You were shipwrecked with your crew, and while exploring the zone, you unravel the naga plot and the eventual battle against Neptulon.

Deepholm, you're the one who gains the trust of Therazane and her sons (who all react to you in different ways), and you're the bridge between the Earthen Ring and Therazane, eventually negotiating a temporary alliance to bring down the Twilight Hammer in the area.

Uldum, your caravan is attacked by a mysterious enemy, and YOU are the one who frees your allies and eventually come to learn about the conflict between the two civilizations, culminating in an assault on the Tol'vir (in which you're the one who leads the small group of soldiers up the mountain, and you eventually take down their leaders). Then the Harrison Jones side story is what ties the zone to Deathwing. You didn't feel immersed when the @!*# Goblin made you his right hand man, only to wrongly accuse you of a crime, and then you were saved by Harrison right before being killed?

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