Cataclysm Questing is So Linear

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I personally loved the new way that questing was presented in Cata. The story is the main reason that I play certain games over others, and Blizz won my heart years ago with Starcraft. It was nice to have an actual story to play through, instead of simply being a messenger boy. I applaud Blizz on how immersive the story was on this expansion. I hope future patches and expansions mirror this approach to the questing experience.
the only problem with Cataclysm 80-85 quests it's very simple

there's no incentive to level an alt thru those levels anymore, due to the linearity of the whole experience you already know what will happen because you experienced it "all" with your Main character

even in BC and WOTLK content you could level a main and leave a lot of quests out and most zones unexplored, and you could level your alt to experience what your main left behind at some point

this is not the case with cataclysm
It is somewhat linear. I wish you had more freedom on which zones you go to and when.

However, the only thing that really bothered me was how if a single quest was bugged, you were likely stuck, unable to keep questing in that zone until they fixed that ONE quest. The worst offender was Twilight Highlands which had a bugged quest about three quests in.
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even in BC and WOTLK content you could level a main and leave a lot of quests out and most zones unexplored, and you could level your alt to experience what your main left behind at some point

this is not the case with cataclysm

You definitely do not have to complete all the quests in the 80+ zones if you don't want to. I hit 85 without finishing a single zone. So far, I've only finished two. I did a bit of questing, some Archaeology and a chunk of dungeon running. Finishing all 5 zones is, in fact, a choice you made that was unnecessary.

In BC and Wrath, I did every single quest in every single zone on this one character. Because I wanted to. Because I wanted to see all the quests without having to make a second character. Because I wanted the achievements. For me, more zones with more quests isn't a reason to make an alt. I'll just do 'em on Skarn.

You can definitely choose to skip whole zones in Cataclysm if you so desire. There are options. Perhaps not as many as in previous expansions, but they do still exist.
I want my quest-givers to talk to me. I'm a Political-Science major, so I already do a lot of reading for school. I read for fun in my spare time as well (including the Warcraft novels)... so I just don't want to read the darn quest text.

Hearing the quest from the quest giver - with their race's accent and all - would be super immersive. I love the lore, and I want to experience it in the game. I'm just tired of reading quest text. Please help. At least make it an option. =)
Edit: I started a post by observing it risked going off topic, which was a sign I should have just not posted it, which became clear in the light of day, so it's gone now. :) WTB delete button, but I guess everyone can vote this down till it's hidden.
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You didn't feel like you made a difference when you were killing all the major MC bosses, or when you Fight with thrall against Deathwing?

Not when I knew everything was on rails and it was impossible to die. Nothing I did would change the outcome, participation was purely cosmetic. Yes it's a static MMO so ultimately I change nothing anyway but these narrative events strip the issue naked and push it out into the spotlight. And it's ugly and has cankles.
Linear questing is the best way to tell a story. The better the story the more engaging it is. When I quested Silverpine Forest I didn't have a care in the world when my next level was coming or to even go train when I did level. I completely lost myself in the zone and couldn't put down the book, as they say. Now numerous cut scenes on the other hand like in Uldum can be a bit distracting at times I would agree.

There are also times I think back and I wonder if the old quest that takes you from tanaris to booty bay and back and forth wasn't so bad. I think there's some immersion there in exploring and journeying the world, seeing how various npcs across different zones are related to each other via quests.
i dont agree with you, sorry
new quests are the best i've seen
lvling is great, till you get to northrend, and it becomes a pain...
1-60/80-85 is the best
I have enjoyed the expansion somewhat but man could the questing be any more linear? I can't skip any quests because if I did, I would not be able to do any more quests in that zone. Every zone is one big linear story. And with so many cutscenes like in Uldum, you feel like you are are watching and not a participant.

The irony?

Blizzard's overuse of linear phasing has killed the one thing they were trying to give us: more immersion and the feeling that our characters can make a difference.

Both Goblin and Worgen starting areas are the same. Quest hub, quest hub destroyed, quest hub, quest hub destroyed, quest hub, quest hub destroyed.

Anyone else agree?


We need more stuff like EPL. That place was amazing, and felt very fun in a story telling type way.
The quality of the entertainment improved in the Cataclysm quests. But there were some execution issues. I apparently lost all ability to quest in Uldum half way through the zone. Apparently there was some decision I took, some quest I declined that killed the entire rest of the zone for me.

If that is "by design", the player should have been offered a warning to confirm this choice knowing that this will end your questing in this zone. No such warning was ever presented.

And my petition was declined. I would like to experience every Cataclysm quest but I can't. The only thing I haven't tried is to start a second account, create a new character, group with my main, and attempt to go through all of the Uldum quests again and share each one with my main. That has some possibility of picking up the thread again but that's a lot to ask.

What if World of Warcraft sold a consumable object in their store which was a Big Favor token - maybe for US$100. Then I could attach that to my petition and ask them to make me eligible for quests again... maybe at the very beginning if necessary.

I really didn't like the questing this time around. On a PVP server, with the ratio around 4-1, it was very difficult to complete certain quests. This really held back on the leveling aspect and increased the griefing. The air ship had to be the worst, total camping going on with 15+ opposing faction there, just to make sure the lone person couldn't finish the quest.

In the past, sure you might have way too many quests spread out and not complete some of them, or not want to take the time to fly here and there to finish them, but at least we had a choice. This time was total frustration and very poor planning in my opinion. I hope in the future the dev's think more about the quest line and how they implement them. To have all the people on the same quest, on a new expac at the same time, was probably the most ridiculous thing ever. Especially on a tilted faction PVP server. The camping/griefing was absolutely over the top. People transferred off just to be able to level and that should never happen, but when you go to a quest area and there is 20 to 1... how do you expect to complete the quest, let alone level.

Please think before you do anything like this again!!
There's a speech by Tigole that explains the decision for more linear quest flow. You can find it by searching for "tigole" and "christmas tree effect", which is the phrase Blizzard used to describe TBC-style quest hubs, that would light up on the minimap like a Christmas tree with so many choices. The expressed intent is to have simpler quest flow with fewer choices, so they can "guide" players. I'd heard elsewhere that another part of the intent was obsoleting quest-helper mods and guides by making the quest flow simple enough that players would see no significant benefit in using mods or guides to help with it.

I dislike the new linear quests of course. I think Blizzard has strayed too far from making questing a game where we planned our course and made choices, enjoyed learning the quests so we could do them better next time, and had to think and plan to come up with a good order for them. The new questing experience is almost as passive as television, or an amusement-park ride. It may be entertaining, but it's not gaming.
For Cataclysm, we wanted to create more immersion with better storytelling, and we wanted your characters to feel connected to ebb and flow of Azeroth. This was something we hoped to accomplish through a number of mediums including quests.

We're taking all these criticisms in stride and will be using them to improve the questing experience for future expansions and, to an extent, future patches.

/high five
/respek knuckles

In my view the only way to create that attachment to the player is to use Phasing combined with Instanced missions, single player or group. You can literally tell a story in those missions that fully engages the player and can even tailor drops etc. just to that player or players. Much better method in my view for storytelling.

The missions in Cata were fairly varied and interesting nevertheless though. And I played through them Solo so grouping and running ahead or behind my partner was not an issue but I see how it could be.

Another method could be a new way to obtain quests, and turn quests in. If you join a group and are out of phase you could automatically be given the quests you are missing for the previous phases. At least you know what you have to run.

I'm really eager to know how Star Wars the old republic handles this, since they are focusing on storytelling and engaging the player in their storyline.
questing was fun the first time but i wouldnt ever make another character again.

from 1 to 58 is fun cause its all new cata content and yes its pretty linear which gets boring at times but you still run into the occasional fun new quest in the usual heap of farming and errand boy quests.

after 58 though it just sucks and doesn't stop sucking till you get 80 i mean seriously even with leveling gear and exp reductions that 58 to 80 bracket has made me swear off alts all together.

i dunno it just seems like the more blizzard tries to "fix" this game they just make it worse.

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