Cataclysm Questing is So Linear

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Questing, in my opinion, was done perfectly. While there can be annoyances with phasing issues the pros vastly outweigh the cons.

I'm sure I am not alone when I say that I would rather have such a perfect leveling experience than take that away for some convenience.

Sometimes it is impossible to create an ideal situation, and I think Blizzard chose the right one to pick for Cataclysm.

Don't change it unless you can without taking away the amazing linear pathway, you felt like you were really in the middle of a war and progressing through that war. This is what made Cataclysm so amazing, and why I came back to playing WoW.

The frequent cut-scenes in Uldum created a way to transport your character in meaningful ways without making it awkward.

The immersion was perfect, in my opinion at least.

I just want to take a minute to congratulate Blizzard for the best expansion by leagues. I yearned for aspects of Vanilla throughout TBC and WotLK. I had high hopes for this expansion and I can safely say they were exceeded. This has been better than anything I could have expected.

1-60 was amazing. 80-85 was even better, which I honestly didn't think could be done until I got there. The current 85 game play in both PvE and PvP is thoroughly enjoyable and challenging. This was to be my stay or leave expansion and I have very happily chosen to stay.

Job well done Blizzard, you have exceeded expectations. Bravo, and hats off to you.
I personally enjoy the current flow of quests. Granted you can't miss a quest but who cares? There's no running all over the place, back and forth, simply to complete some quest that has no real importance anyways.

This arguement is like saying, "I went into Bastion of Twilight and had to kill bosses in a linear fashion. I really wanted to kill Cho'gall first!"
I'm one of those who do not like the new questing model. I really disliked go do 2-3 quests, go back, go do 2 more quests, go back.. the guy just beside NPC one, now has a quest for me.. He didn't see me the first time I was there??? Go do that quest, go talk to another NPC one hop away.

It's like getting groceries one item at a time :(

With level 73 Druid -- Go to quest hub pick up 5 quests, go to next little place pick up more.. end up with 12-15 quests that I can do at my leisure in the order I want. I don't want to kill worms ore collect bone?... I don't gotta.

I like the quest chains that tell a story and end with a big finale but every xp point doesn't have to tell me a one!
If it wasn't for the quest system, the expansion wouldn't be as good as it is - imho.

I love the linear quest layout. Finally a concept that not only reminds people (even if they don't get it right away) that there's more to WoW than sitting or trolling around in a capital city in between dungeon queues, battle grounds and raid times. It makes questing really fun again.

Changing the gap between the new design and Northrend would have been a sweet thing too, but then, it's so easy and fast nowadays to breeze through Outlands...

So far I cleared the entire level 80 - 85 quest content twice. A third toon went to 85 without completing the zones. I've done the Goblin and Worgen zones in the beta, and i look forward to do them again once my live toons all are maxed. Especially the Goblin starter zone is outstanding and I never had that much fun leveling a new toon through the first 10 - 16 levels.
Answering to a few claims made here:

- You do not have to complete each zone to level from 80 - 85.. There are multiple ways to reach 85 (quests, dungeons, gathering)...

- questing only in the level applicable zone gets you to 85 just fine. Pick the breadcrumb quest from the recruitment board every time you gain a new level, and follow through with it.

- You can design your toons quest progress just perfect by choosing the zones that are most beneficial for your toons spec progress (study the faction vendor rewards)

- If you have problems with broken quest lines, use the help of addons. They are out there for that matter. I personally use QuestHubber. Awesome addon that puts small Exclamation marks on your world map, showing you the location of every quest that's still available in the zone for you.

I hate the linear, its great for your first run, but when leveling another 85, low and behold, you've already done that quest.
What i liked about the old wow question model, was that it simulated a realistic world, so to speak. If i dident like a quest, i can piss off and do another one, or move on, no worries. All part of making it seem like every decision on where to go was up to you.
Overall i suppose it was freedom, now its like im being chained to a job that i hate, doing the same crap over and over.

Story line = great
Doing it more than one = slit my wrists
Appreciate that you are aware of player concerns regarding the linear feel of Cata. The quests from 80-85 were beautifully designed, I don't think anyone would disagree on that count, but having many alts and not being able to pick, choose or even skip certain areas makes this expansion very painful in that aspect. After one or two character passes through the new zones I have started to feel as if I'll never be able to get my other chars to 85 due to sheer tedium and no 'choice'. I want to make it clear to the quest designers that they did an outstanding job, however, there comes a point it's just overkill.
Cataclyms questing SO ROCKS the first time you do it. The second time is a little bored.
I won't do it a third time. Thats the real problem. If you can offer different things (like starting on vashjir or hyjal) thats cool. but lvl 84 is just Twilight Higlands so..
02/04/2011 6:24 AMPosted by Krasusmorte
Cataclyms questing SO ROCKS the first time you do it. The second time is a little bored.
I won't do it a third time. Thats the real problem. If you can offer different things (like starting on vashjir or hyjal) thats cool. but lvl 84 is just Twilight Higlands so..

I'd say much the same for leveling pre-60 as well, with the proviso that too much XP is being granted.

The first time running through any of the re-vamped zones is fantastic. The second time at best gives a bit of nostalgia for what the first time was like, but is mostly 'how can I do this as quickly as possible, given that I know everything that happens.' For an altaholic that is a bit dis-heartening.

With regard to the XP rate, I get the feeling that the XP was set so that if you enter the zone as soon as you can pick up the quests, don't rest while you are there, don't do any dungeons or battlegrounds, you'll still get enough XP in the zone to finish the story and 'graduate' to the next zone. However if you increase your XP by any of those methods, you end up doing dead-easy quests just to finish up the story of the zone (and the big reward items at the ends of many quest chains end up being irrelevant compared to auction house greens). The only zones I've not out-leveled before finishing them up have been the under-10 ones.

I'm not sure how much XP from quests would have to be lowered to even this out, but I'm guessing around 25% would probably do it. For people who are just chasing quests without being rested this could mean having to go into two zones in a bracket to move onto the next bracket, I'd imagine--but would that really be so bad?
02/04/2011 1:56 AMPosted by Senias
Linear questing is the best way to tell a story.

Linear questing is the easiest way to tell a story.
i lieked getin lifted in air and lectured by giant wisp
02/04/2011 6:06 AMPosted by Treekin
- You can design your toons quest progress just perfect by choosing the zones that are most beneficial for your toons spec progress (study the faction vendor rewards)

No you can not because most quests are locked. I want to go to Uldum to do lvl 83 quests and I can't. You are forced to do the zones and quests in a precise order and that's pretty lame.
I feel like people that play this game just look to complain about anything. Too linear now and too easy to level? Do you really care that it doesn't take that long to hit 85? This game is based on what you do at max level, leveling is irrelevant. Why bother with an elaborate leveling flow when you can do the quests that tell you about the storyline of that zone and move on? If you want to quest further in that zone go ahead there are so many quests in each zone and if you're looking to delve further into questing there are a bunch of other quests along the way from 1-85.

It's too easy to hit 85 yet all of you geniuses just sit and complain about heroics being too hard. I'm gonna have to say none of that is true and hats off to Blizzard for a great expansion.
Just an idea,

Maybe you should put in ''Storytelling quests'' and ''Mercenary style quests''.

Storytelling quests would be given by npcs with a green exclamation mark and means that the player , upon acceptance of these quests will further the storyline and "unlock" phasing sequences on the way to completing those quests. It is a more solo, story telling approach and gives the player a feeling of being at the "center" of it all.

Mercenary quests would be given by npcs with a yellow exclamation mark, and would give out more "general quests" and leave the player with more freedom as to how and where he wants to complete those quests. It is a more ''explorative'' and free approach. The player can group with anyone at any points along those quests and not be rectricted by phasing. It would give the player a feeling of freedom and make him feel like he is just a peon making his way across a wartorn land.

Thats a basic explanation but the idea is there.
wow. to me, the questing was the best part of cata. I loved the phasing. I loved the quests. some made me laugh out loud.

Now...heroics ..whole nuther thing
02/04/2011 7:53 AMPosted by Togobox
No it isn't! Levelling is the main part of the game. Max level stuff has always been just filler that is put in to keep people hooked once they have finished levelling. It has been this way in every MMO that ever existed.

ROFL. Max level is by NO means filler. It's the focus of the game and of Blizzard. Max level PVP and PVE, gearing up, maxing professions. That's what the game is about.

why would we possibly want to zoom through it as quickly as possible and get to the same boring old grind at the end of the rainbow?

....This is a joke right? Leveling IS the boring old grind, that's why you want to zoom through it. You cannot be serious. Why would I ever want to continue slaying 10 dragons or collecting 8 signias of idgaf? THAT'S the boring grind there man. And as far as the MMO argument goes, that's why their success is short lived and WoW has had lasting success. I'm sorry but leveling is boring and monotonous and you cannot argue that. Sure it's great to do old dungeons and see all the cool zones and content, but at the end of the day it's there to take up time and learn your class so you're ready for endgame content.
02/03/2011 2:47 PMPosted by Broccoli
Linear quests allow the a story to flow. I for one enjoy a progressing story along a zone as opposed to the old model of:

1. Go to town
2. Kill x mobs, find y items, get z drops
3. Kill some named guy that has been giving the town trouble
4. Go on to next town

Non linear questing basically means there is no true story. Just you going from village to village doing random chores for people. It's a lot more fun to be a hero in an epic tale as opposed to an errand boy or glorified mercenary right?

You're conflating two different things. It's still possible to create quests that have a sense of purpose and story, while not relying on heavy gating and phasing. The new model is:

1. Go to town, possibly populated by my own people, being visibly overrun/burned down/etc.
2. Be unable to do anything or become involved because no one there will talk to me.
3. Eventually figure out that they wouldn't let me help with their burning houses because I hadn't collected murloc eyes for stew for some other guy in the previous zone.

This is better how?

In linear question you can't skip a step in the story. You tried to jump ahead and found that you couldn't do it. A story can't progress in a nonlinear way, it just doesn't work. Can you just skip chapters 5 6 7 9 12 and 13 in a book? No, you'll have no idea what's going on. Besides quest flowing in cataclysm was perfect. Never once did I not know where to go next or not have a quest to do in a zone.

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