Cataclysm Questing is So Linear

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Static is what Blizzard does best. SW:TOR might be the first MMO to really give WoW a kick to the shins because of this.

Stonetalon Mountains and Thousand Needles really pissed me off, despite being rather fun. I, as a tauren, am killing wyverns because they poop too much, yet I'm explicitely told tauren find them sacred. I, as a tauren, am giving Magatha Grimtotem priceless tauren artifacts and being a somehow willful pawn for her to become stronger and more ambitious, yet she's the reason Cairne's dead.


And while on the subject of Stonetalon Mountains, I would have loved the opportunity to do just what Garrosh did at the end of it. Maybe the chain would have ended in the same destruction, but at least I wouldn't have felt like I was forced down a path I would have broken away from once I realized what was happening. Embodying that which is the Horde through action and honor, rather than being shown what it means through gritted teeth with a Garrosh-shaped boot to the head for what I contributed to just barely being avoided, would have been far more preferable given my character and race.
Since we are the topic of linear quests, has anyone tried to level without questing. I've been thinking, perhaps for a change I would give it a shot the old eq1 style. I only have seven days on my account, but hell perhaps it will give me that challenge that I find lacking in cataclysm while leveling.

I kinda did that with two new alts. I can't stand the new linear questing, it drives me nuts actually. It was much more fun when my quest log was filled all the time with many group quests and orange quests.

The quests outside of instances aren't fun but I love the revamped instances. So what I did is level 1-60 in instances only. There is a bunch of quests inside the instances now and I like this change. It's the best part of the new 1-60 experience.

Outland on the other hand, damn the instances suck. They are all corridors instance and I don't really like that. So what I did is fly all around hellfire and zangar and I picked up everything, well over 25 quests not linked together. I dropped all the quests I remembered sucking and focussed on the group quests. I repeated the same thing in WotLK

80-85 is similar to 1-60. Dungeons are not as fun as the classic ones but they are linear but the boss fights are more interesting than BC and WotLK. The quests are linear and not very fun because of it. I usually finish the last 5 levels by instancing and gathering.

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