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I have a great suggestion for a feature Blizzard should add to World of Warcraft. It's not original, but it will be fun and one of the greatest patches ever! The suggestion is a duel arena that will work much like the duel arena in Runescape and some other games in which you could challenge other players and wager currency or other valuables.

This duel arena will be a full-featured quest hub with flight masters, profession trainers, and vendors and designated as a sanctuary, like the Argent Tournament Grounds. I feel this would fit right placed somewhere in Uldum or Tanaris, because of the desert theme in these zones, or Kezan (unless it was destroyed). Players will be able to challenge each other to a duel at the arena and wager gold, BOEs, crafting mats, and whatever else is tradable amongst players. Duels do not have to be staked. They can be friendly and risk-free matches.

To challenge players to a duel in the duel arena players must right-click the player’s portrait who he wishes to challenge and click on “Arena Duel.” The player being challenged will receive an on-screen message stating that <name> has challenged you to an arena duel. When a challenge is accepted a window will pop up for both players in where they will be able to wager valuables and agree on rules for the match. Players will be able to choose rules like to not be able to use consumables (except for conjured items, bandages, and arena food bought from vendors at the duel arena), to not be able to use abilities with a cooldown longer than 15 minutes, no rules, or full arena rules. But the rule thing might be unnecessary so maybe just have arena rules apply. Also, while the window is up players can inspect each other and look at the other’s gear, talent tree, professions, duel arena statistics, and rating (which will only be for bragging rights and will not reward gear, achievements, or titles). After the combatants agree upon rules and bets setup they will be queued to duel in the duel arena. Between the time that the challenge has been made and the end of the match players will not be able to swap or alter their spec and gear in anyway.

When the queue pops the combatants will then be ported to the holding area in which health, mana, and energy are all restored. All cooldowns are reset. All debuffs will be cleared. All buffs and conjured items are removed and pets are dismissed (pets can be re-summoned once inside the holding area). Players are also given the Arena Preparation buff, which removes the casting cost of all abilities (i.e. Soul Shards). Exactly like arena.

After the match, if wages were made, the winner will receive his rewards through receiving them at the front desk by talking to an NPC, looted into the winner's bags, or mailed if the winner's bags are full. I’m not sure which will work best.

To increase the duel arena's fun, intensity, and popularity the matches will be right there out in the open world, not in an instance like arenas are, where players not participating in the current duel can spectate matches. Players will only be able to enter the field of battle, where the matches are held, if they are participating in a match. Players will not be able to fly or walk in there due to the roof and some sort of cage or an invisible wall that is in between the spectators and the players dueling.

Another feature the duel arena will have is spectators will be able to place bets on players dueling. There will be a tote board at the duel arena that players can click on to pop up a more detailed window of current and upcoming matches of players who are queued. The window will show a list of players who are queued and if you click on one of them the window will show the queued players’ statistics, rating, and gear. Spectators may then place bets on who the bettor thinks will win the match.

The bets for the duel arena will work the way horse betting odds work. The NPCs who run the arena will take 10% of the total gold in the betting pool. They have to their make virtual money somehow! Let’s say a hunter and a mage are going to duel in the duel arena and the total bets placed on the match are 100k, after the 10% charge from the arena, and 20k of the pool is on the hunter to win. To find the odds for the hunter you subtract the 20k from the 100k and end up with 80k. Then you take the remaining pool, which is 80k, and divide it by 20k and end up with 4, so our final duel arena odds for the hunter winning are 4:1. The tote board will show the odds for both of the combatants. So this means for every 1g you bet on the hunter you win 4g plus the money back you bet if the hunter wins. The mage’s odds in this situation are 0.25:1, now this doesn’t mean you will lose money if the mage wins, it simply means you won’t win as much. If you bet 1g on the mage and the mage wins you would win 25s plus you get the 1g back that you bet.

This suggestion may be a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end. This gambling aspect would give WoW a more of a real-life feel to it, as far as that goes for a fantasy MMO, and a great competitive feature, which will be a popular pass-time for all WoW players from low levels to casuals to pve and pvpers.

P.S. PLEASE ADD WHIPS TO WOW! They should have a minimum and short maximum range.

TL;DR: Add a duel arena where people can challenge each other to duel and be able to gamble valuables on the match. Spectators may only bet gold.

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This sounds like a good idea in theory, but it also just adds another area to watch out for in regards to gold sellers.
I really like it. specially as long it remains on a just for fun/gambling thing.
Sounds good but you will have players who purposely throw a match because a gambler offered a cut of the winnings bet on the opposing team.
gotta keep bumping this. general discussion has so many posts
No whips...
i don't macro. you steal MY line

Chef Apollo
always cooking up trouble
01/20/2011 4:54 PMPosted by Erthad
No whips...
%**@ just got 2003 in here.
love this idea
Bad idea people will abuse the content into being a way of selling jp and vp. Would turn the VP vendors into just another welfare vendor.

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