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That blue post restored my faith in humanity... :)
WTF? Why can we not say the word "g%!@!fruit"?! This is like the word censor that Wizards of the Coast has on the Gatherer website, where you can't say something like "assassin" without it getting censored.
I really don't understand why people keep accusing that article of being arrogant. There was nothing rude in that blog post. It simply stated what they changed, why they changed it, and provided suggestions to those who might have had trouble adapting to it.

A lot of people seem to confusing a difference of opinion with hubris. Just because Blizzard disagrees with you on content difficulty doesn't make them arrogant. Developers aren't obligated to listen to every single opinion because customers themselves often have completely opposing ideas. Blizzard has already made several nerfs to heroics, as well as a promise that they will naturally get easier as new tiers are added. I fail to see any hubris in that. The "worst" that they've done is respectfully disagree with those who demand huge, sweeping nerfs. If simply disagreement is hubris, then you really need to gain some perspective.
What article? The January 11th one? I just read that, feeling sure I was missing something, and didn't come away from it feeling any sense of hubris.

I do think, though, that the development team missed the mark with Cataclysm end game. I have more complaints than praises for it, and I'm a pretty laid back person. I sincerely hope they're listening to feedback.

The state of professions are depressing. Mats are ridiculously expensive, chaos orbs ('nuff said), and all for what -- so I can profit from the hours of time and gold I've invested? Right now there isn't really any profit other than selling my mats instead of investing more time and effort into leveling it up.

Dungeons are a disaster. Most of them take too long, even in a decent run. I had a 'short' one the other day at 45 mins, no wipes, on normal. I don't even bother with heroics, not because I found them too difficult but because I don't want to spend my whole evening in them. I also find some of the mechanics tedious. Slabhide has me avoiding stonecore. I don't know if it was a glitch or if it was me, but every time I tried to LoS from the crystal storm I...couldn't. One time I was looking at my corpse, behind a stalactite, and outside the hitbox. Having mechanics mean something is fine, but having too many mechanics do not make it fun, they make it irritating, and the zero-error margin is also hardly fun. I have had some fun times. I enjoyed H HoO, H BRC and H Deadmines. I didn't think H ToT was too difficult though I ran out of time and never did get to finish, had to log off after 2 1/2 hours (first time for three of us running it so we had some practice in spots). Someone else pointed out that the normals really don't prepare you well for the heroics. If the fights are different, you go into a heroic not knowing how it will work. Take my nemesis slabhide for example. If crystal storm was present in normal mode but did less damage, I could practice the LoS issue I had trouble with, without wiping my group repeatedly. It also didn't help that because of the phasing glitch, I couldn't get back into the instance at the time (yet another problem people are having with this expansion).

Healers -- I'm a healer. It's the role I love to play in dungeons. I've always healed and will keep healing, but, we took the brunt of this expansion and it hasn't been a fun place to be. Our regen was kicked to the curb, our spells changed, a playstyle we'd grown into over 80 levels was pretty radically altered and while we leveled up our throughput...didn't. Yes, healers are very gear dependent right now. We've shouldered a lot of blame for wipes and when groups didn't do their jobs well, we got to take the brunt off it in desperately trying to keep people up. Can't say as it was a great time and it still isn't when you get people in who still haven't learned to CC or kite out of bad things.

End game was really reduced to dungeons. Reputation grinds are terrible right now unless you're running heroics. You can run normals, takes twice as long, and you get the same three dungeons every time. *looks around* This is supposed to be enjoyable?

You took away many 'fun' things. The fishing bags drop nothing but junk, and not even it has the neat vendor price tag that say the porcelain bell had. There is absolutely no reason to do it. Do the Dalaran one you say? Travel time, she is a pain in the arse. Take a boat. Fly. Pick up the daily. You begin to realize there's no 'quick' anything in Cataclysm.

There's no rare mount to fish up.

Deathwing is nortoriously shy. I got the achievement today but what I really had wanted was not to jump like a nutter to Tanaris after my child for the 5th time was in a zone only to have Deathwing descend upon him, get it by flying into a fire, after the reticient killer had already left the zone. I wanted to be questing or farming and have the epic moment of being completely destroyed by this incredible dragon. It's not that I haven't been in these zones -- between my alts I've been all over since release and for more than a moment here and there and yet nothing. Not once have I see his glorious hide. Rare? He's nonexistant. Prior to seeing the fires, I was beginning to think he was a product of peoples' imagination.

Everything in cataclysm is harder or grindier, and with less pay-off in the end. I just don't get it.

I love this game. I am still playing and will keep playing. But secretly, I'm hoping that there are improvements on the way. I'm hoping the developers are listening to the feedback and coming up with solutions.
01/20/2011 7:22 PMPosted by Humanscum
WTF? Why can we not say the word "g%!@!fruit"?! This is like the word censor that Wizards of the Coast has on the Gatherer website, where you can't say something like "assassin" without it getting censored.

Because someone doesn't know how to write a proper regex statement (or the equivalent).

When you want to filter "foo", you write so that it filters " foo " instead.

That way, when someone types "foobar" (which we'll say is a legitimate word), it doesn't get filtered.

Yeah yeah, someone will say "but you can type _foo_".

That's when you hand out a warning, and then forum bans for multiple offenses.
Zarhym, thanks for responding. Here's a concrete concern that I have. I feel like the amount of content is much lower for 80+ players than it has been in past expansions. It seems to me the difficulty was raised in order to "stretch out" the content, i.e. to make up for a lack of it for higher level characters. I won't deny there's a lot out there for people starting out or willing to roll alts, but it feels thin on the high end. I feel like the decision to make things harder was to slow us down to make up for lack of content. I think Ghostcrawler's article was a very well written excuse for what appears to be a decision based on finite resources. I don't buy it. I can't truly know the man's motivations, but that's how it appears to some of us. The fact is that I've had a bad enough time in a few heroics where I logged and didn't come back to wow for 3-4 days. That's never happened in the past. I'm sick of them and probably won't re-Q again now that I'm in raids. I'm just trying to provide some honest feedback, this isn't meant to be anything else.
01/20/2011 7:20 PMPosted by Rayvynn
That blue post restored my faith in humanity... :)


imo, his post was rationale, well thought out, and not combative. It provide more insight on Ghostcrawlers post than the post itself.

Some good points in that. I'm not going to quote the whole thing (anyone can just scroll back a few posts), but I'd have to agree with a lot of the sentiment in that.

That's what a lot of us are saying:

"Stop making us take boats/zeppelins everywhere, give us a reason to do normals if we can't do Heroics yet, etc etc etc.
01/20/2011 7:06 PMPosted by Killada
This line was completely unnecessary. Also this leaves really bad taste in my mouth, is this what players like myself are looked as? Second rate customers?

No. By 'original' he means first. The first set of players that run through, and clear the content. People that did their heroic grinding in the first few weeks should have no problem with the mechanics of the fights. If they do, it's player-side. What he means is that over time, when new content is released, things get trivialized. Also, it's the beginning of the expansion, and they're staggering difficulty so that people don't blaze through content. They want to make the most out of the little content that's available.

01/20/2011 7:06 PMPosted by Killada
Do you know how some people will interpret this paragraph as? Gems/enchants/food buffs are required to heroics.

If you do those things, you're contributing to your group. Everyone should be doing those things. If you're not doing those things, you're not doing everything that you can be doing - you can't complain that things are difficult or overtuned if you're doing it without your whole rear end.

Surprisingly well written and very good point. Now let's hope the wow team really listens instead of posting long articles that miss the ball entirely - oops too late.

What do you want them to listen to? Dude complaining about the way some guy writes? There's nothing to 'fix' except for people's soft skin and inability to take things the way that they are. There are only so many ways to tell you that it is what it is, they don't plan on drastically changing anything, and if you don't like it - sorry.
I liked the article, it reminds people that regardless of all their QQ on how the want Blizzard to tailor the game for them which we all know is unfeasible with such a large player base and still a finite budget and developer team, and it is Blizzard who is making the game and sets the design goals. Design teams are hit and miss sometimes and if you always have a community screaming at you regardless of what you do.

I for one enjoy cata and find raids and heroic dungeons to be where I expected them to be. I welcomed the new challenges of Cata with open arms and am still learning. With the exception of many bugs and other things which seemed to have not gotten polishing before launch I find Cataclysm to be a success and the developers are going a good direction.
Heroics aren't hard. I healed them on my pally in mostly greens. You people need to learn patience and study mechanics. Rome wasn't built in a day.
Ghostcrawler's article was nothing more than an extended "less QQ, moar pew pew" and he's right.

Also buff Subtlety DPS

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