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01/20/2011 8:39 PMPosted by Goldbrand

It WAS broken. Not for you, but for a lot of people.

You are talking about the "elitests" right?
I don't mind dungeons being harder, in fact i like it. However i hate the fact that they let GC touch pvp balance /facepalm
01/20/2011 8:54 PMPosted by Raeln
It doesn't solve any problems to make people run the normals 100 times before doing the heroic version that adds new mechanics that were not able to be practiced in the normal version.

this is one of the more ridiculous things I have read in a while
01/20/2011 8:28 PMPosted by Armikur
I like the notion that you can't just heal through someone standing in the fire, but once they solve the mechanic and get out, don't pin all the responsibility on the healer. Maybe there could be something where taking damage from mechanics that should be avoidable cause heals to be ineffective while the player is taking the hit - only as effective as they are now. And when the player gets out of the fire (as an example), only then can the healer hit them with a big heal to cap them back off.

I don't mind the challenge, but as a healer - I see what you are saying. I wish that standing in the fire (proverbially) wasn't always damage. It's alright for some bad stuff to be one-shot, but it doesn't all have to be.

Why can't some bad junk on the ground simply petrify a DPS and be non-dispellable. Meaning that if they screw up, they are out of the fight for 20 seconds.

Why can't some bad junk on the ground give a debuff to a DPS where all their damage is reduced by 90% for 15 seconds.

Why can't some bad junk on the ground give a debuff to a DPS/Tank where all their damage turns into healing for the enemy.

Why does all the bad stuff have to be damage, in either heavy damage or near one-shot - which only serves to place more stress on the healer.
You like to play a game, where the content is meaningless, and the rewards plentiful? Why exactly?

Because it fills time in a pleasant way. It's the same reason why Facebook games like Farmville are absolutely destroying other development studios in pure profit. People that want a challange turn to console games. If people are sitting at a computer it is likely all they want to do is waste some time and socialize. WotLK embodied that philosophy.
01/20/2011 8:54 PMPosted by Raeln
As long as Blizzard adds new mechanics (and additional bosses) to heroics that normals do not have, attunements are pointless.

Heroics will, and always will (as well as should) have new mechanics. Otherwise they're just normals that hit slightly harder.

Yes, why try to fix what is not broken. You must be doing something correctly if you have TWELVE MILLION subscribers in the first place.

It WAS broken. Not for you, but for a lot of people. The difference between us people who want a challenge, and those who don't, is that we don't threaten to quit because heroics are too boring and too easy. We just deal with it and grind those frost emblems.

And they pushed the 12 million mark only after they released WoW in China, and the subscription numbers got inflated. Before that, they didn't announce any subscription numbers. 12 million mark during WotLK is not an indication that they did things perfect. It's purely from tapping into China's market.

The only things truly broken in Wrath was tank AoE aggro and gear inflation. Both of those combined into making Wrath heroics AoEfest facerolls.

Fix both and they would have been, for the most part, right where they should have been.

Since neither has been fixed, Cata heroics will be faceroll just like Wrath within 3 more months.
01/20/2011 8:59 PMPosted by Anníka

It WAS broken. Not for you, but for a lot of people.

You are talking about the "elitests" right?

Yeah, let's start with the dehumanizing.
01/20/2011 9:00 PMPosted by Talatsu
I don't mind dungeons being harder, in fact i like it. However i hate the fact that they let GC touch pvp balance /facepalm

How do you compare it to Kalgan's approach to PVP? You know the one who moved death wish to arms and said it was to get warriors to stop splitting between arms and furry and end result was no change at all and he still works on PVP balance.
Meh. For me... Im a long time fan of Blizz in general. Im starting to feel... This new team, is standing on the shoulders and laurels of their predecessors. Blizz brought gaming to the main stream, PC Gaming. Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft are all games which those others developing in those genre's set the standard.

Blizz pushed the limits of what the general Masses computers could do, innovated and said no to only developing for the top 10% of consumer owned computers. Now Im not saying the current incarnation of WoW and Starcraft II are bad. Love playing both. But I don't feel the same level of... I dunno. Diablo 2, dropped me jaw. Not feeling it currently with Blizz.

That being said, look at the shoes they gotta fill. I doubt many would even be up to the daunting task of trying.
Untill all the QQing, arguing, finger-pointing, insulting, demading b/s stops its gonna be kinda hard for either side (players or dev) to make any headway on any of these issues.

I know I have been guilty of blowing my top in anger but look at what is going on here...the players have said there is a problem...and the devs said we know lets work together and fix it...yet all the hostility continues.

You people should really be thankful you have this place to voice your ideas and concerns without much restriction....I have played other games where if your post even sounds critical of the devs its gets deleted and you get a ban from the forums.

The Devs want your input...the agree a problem how bout we just calm down stfu and work with them to make the game more mutualy acceptable too all sides. After all they could just have like it as is...u just deal with it...we already have more money than God and Walmart.
01/20/2011 8:57 PMPosted by Darkanine
Put your money where your mouth is. If you don't like it (read: if you suck too much at the game) then cancel your account, put "Too hard" as the reason, and shut up. This is not your game. Blizzard does not owe you anything. You made the decision to buy the game without researching what you were up against. You don't just buy a game that doesn't fit with how you want to play and then whine about it and criticize the developers who work WAY harder than they should to appease idiots who just like to cry.

So go ahead. Stop threatening and do it. Cancel your 5 year accounts. We're better off without you.

Actually, it'll be an opening day collector's edition account for me and while I have no plans to leave - if my real life friends do, I will follow.

(They are not real excited about Cataclysm so far)

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