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If i am not healing or tanking or going with guildies, it is an act of God if i actually get a group with a tank that is wearing tank gear, or doesnt have a player afk that can't be kicked for an extended duration of 40 min.

And again if you can't avoid standing in fire and use CC (if available) and avoid breaking CC and use interupts (if available) you SHOULD NOT be doing that content and ruining the fun of those that are willing and able to do those things. It isn't the so called "elitists" ruining the game it is the reverse elitists that do nothing but wallow around in their mediocrity and whine and moan that god forbid they have to actually play their role correctly or at least semi competantly.

For god's sake listen to yourself! You're talking like people should be SUPER HARD CORE SERIOUS about a freakin video game!

Who cares if someone's "mediocre" at a game? The game shouldn't be so tuned that only the SUPER HARD CORE SERIOUS in a guild/group/raid made up of other SUPER HARD CORE SERIOUS players should be abel to experience content. Sounds to me, and MANY others, like you just have some pretty serious personality problems.

Orsnoire you do not need to be " SUPER HARD CORE SERIOUS about a freakin video game!" as you said to be able to get throught cata content. what Xanzul
said is corect ppl just do not want to learn how to play there class, not to break cc, learn how to use interupts,and learn how not to stand in the fire. now standing in the fire is the biggist thing ppl do and is like standing on train tracks wile a train is coming down the track. smart ppl try to avoid the the train by getting of the tracks all the dumb ppl that complane about herics are too hard are the ones that get hit by the train
Cata is a lot more than just dungeons. It completely reshaped the world that we knew. People may not be aware of this change because everyone is focused on doing dungeons and have not yet noticed how advancing through the new world is a very different experience.

I rolled a new chara from scratch just to experience it. It is just as much a part of Cata as doing dungeons, heroics, and raiding.

My main is/was an Arcane mage and for that reason alone I have some animosity towards a dev who clearly knows Arcane is not nearly what it should be but, from my POV as a customer, is doing very little about it. It 'feels' like intentional obtuseness.

Having said that, it does not prevent me from enjoying Cata in all aspects of its manifestations. If I alllowed that to happen, I would be playing another game.
To be perfectly honest, Caty really aint all that hard, there's just less room for error, more coordination and emphasis on getting in and out of stuff which we all got lazy on thanks to two years of Crap of the Lich King. That and a lot more raid dmg going out :-P but seriously, don't stand in stuff, know your surroundings, it aint all that bad.

I'm sure someone will think I'm being an elitist, but really though, is it that hard? What the heck other kinds of games are you all playing that allows you to just stand there, hit a couple buttons, and win?
i agree with you glakhmed ppl got lazy all you had to do in wrath was dps all bosses. it is a nice switch to have to learn the fights and doge insta kill abiltys

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