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Hi there, Before cata came, I made a topic trying to save blood dk's from being completly wipe'd out from pvp, people told me that it would be allright but turns out its not, you can ignore blood dks now, so they can't even outdps a rogues recuperate, if you are against melee, fine, someday they might even attack you but against mages you will just get kitted and die as soon as your defensive cds are down... So I would like to ask for a sub-tree for I used to enjoy the blood spec the most.

First of all we need a talent to add the hamstring back to heartstrike,

second we need a situational movement speed boost(like 30% or something),

a new talent that would make runestrike only have a reduced chance to be dodged or parried (like 5-10%) and do more dmg than the usual and be avaible regardless of you parrying or dodging.

maybe a death grib that slows for 70% for 2 seconds? or stuns for 1.5 seconds,

and of course something to give us either more dmg than the tank part of blood, either by dmg or arp talents , still not as bursty as frost but more durable and have some edge on rogues, which none of the current arena specs have...

enhancing the blood parasite thing and giving us the blood worms with some good dmg or CC after some time

and Boosting dancing runic weapon but taking the tank part away(most epic talent ever now left to die.) and giving hysteria back to us(nerfed or splited between you and the target...)

and I'm sure I can have more Ideas and maybe you guys can have some Ideas too... its not like it was viable for arenas back then but I really liked it... Blizzard totally destroyed my favorite dps spec and well I was really excited with dark simulacrum(GREAT ABILITY ) but blizzard really disappoint me this time... :( they are making the specs rigid , see the UH dw thing, someone thought of that even if it wasn't supost to be that way he tried it and it worked... but then blizzard came and ruined it instead of just making it on par with 2h, not that I would ever use that, I'm a pvp'er that barely have the pvp gear but someone must be as disapointed as I'm for they ruining the blood spec...
i'd like a slow attached to rune strike,

for diseases to no longer cost runes (icy touch and plague strike) or to have a talent in blood that gets rid of the cd on outbreak.

and for rune tap to break slows,stuns, and roots.
Blizzard does not want any spec with the tank emblem to be viable for PVP (Aside from Feral Druids for obvious reasons.)
I don't like the whole "no tanks in pvp" mantra, but I'm definitely torn about what we have now. I like Unholy and don't mind speccing it for arena.

I would like to use Blood, but if we got stuff to make us Arena viable, we'd be handed nerfs to what makes the spec fun in general pvp, ie god mode survivability.

In the next patch, we're getting buffs to damage that, unfortunately, won't make Blood any more desirable for Arena, but you can bet you'll be a badass outside of it.

Blood has an inborn limitation, mobility. Damage has been addressed, survivability was already there. I can live with that.

just bring back my blood DPS spec

i'll settle as a 'middle of the pack' raiding dps spec

i'll settle as a 'mindless and boring' dps spec

i'll even settle as a 'noob only' dps spec

but i will not settle with taking away dps entirely and being stuck to tanking only

they've manage to pull off feral tanking and feral dpsing - even though it took 2 expansions for both specs to be viable for raiding, and it still taking the nerf bat time to time

blood deserves the same treatment, though prefer less nerf batting
I remember blizz posting something before Cata release that they would never intentionally make a Tank PvP viable, but they said if it worked out, they wouldn't nerf it unless it was too powerfull, or for PvE reasons.
revenge would just stack with blood presence, which could be nerfed...
(its not like ferals don't have it)
cmon DRW is the most amazing thing , I want my favorite spec inthe game back :(
01/23/2011 12:23 AMPosted by Tkdpunkk
I have similar thoughts and made posts based on this subjects you have, Murogahyouma. I do want to be able to dps and pvp as blood once more. I'd understand if some players like to tank as blood and keep blood as the only viable tanking tree which is fine, but I would like to have MY share dps talent points and that lovely snaring effect heart strike had also. I am confidant Blizzard DOES have the resources based on the talent points that's based on their records to make blood viable for dps and pvp because those talent/skills were truly impressive in my opinion. A rune tap being able to break rooting effects and breaking slows every 30 seconds is not a bad idea at all which would possibly help this spec become more arena viable. We've already given up 2 trees for tanking for death knights which is A LOT in my opinion which makes death knights even more dull. If the feral tree is viable for dps/tank/pvp then I think its very fair for us to have blood in the same manner and the fact we did give up 2 tanking trees.

Below would be ideas that can help with blood becoming viable for pvp arena which I'm VERY sure some death knights out there would like to use a spec other than unholy because its been the spec thats been favored for arena for such a long time.

1. Rune tap breaking slow effects, roots, and increasing our movement speed by a balanced percent for 2-4 seconds (similar to long arm of the law) it helps with being kited.

2. Heart strike with the same slowing effect as before.

3. Dps talent points.

Really like the rune tap thing :P
They could make a sub build inside the blood tree with requirements with multiple tiers
01/23/2011 1:09 PMPosted by Libretto
blood dps is never coming back.

and why would you want it to?

in pve it was the most boring dps spec. a fixed, rigid rotation that you repeated endlessly while sitting on a boss. zzzzzzz

This was different from Frost and Unholy at the end of the expansion how? Frost's "priority" devolved into a rigid rotation once you loaded up with ArP, and unholy's barely changed no matter what you were wearing. Let's not forget Unholy during T9.

You must have been asleep if you forgot any of that, chum.
01/22/2011 11:27 PMPosted by Destrukt
Blizzard does not want any spec with the tank emblem to be viable for PVP (Aside from Feral Druids for obvious reasons.)

What obvious reasons? feral can dps and tank and kite at the same time, they have 80% dmg reduction cds, bleeds that do 6-10k dmg a tick, and still hit for 15-25k ferocious bite and can autocast roots and cyclone. blood dks , even with viable damage wouldn't be able to deal 6k+4k(rip/rake) every 3 seconds without being touched from LOS , having cranial bash and 3-4 stuns...

EDIT: they can also heal their team when needed.
I would like to add that I do have a Blood DPS PvP spec, which is very very effective. I don't do the massive damage but enough to kill anyone, caster or melee alike. The survivability advantage of a blood spec is awesome in arena, and battleground.

Here is my spec:

I concentrate on Strength > Hit > Haste > Crit > Mastery.

Let me know what you guys think. I'm open for criticism.
I've been told blood is beast in pvp, the shield you get from DS apparently kicks ass
the problem with the current tank spec is that you are strong vs melee and kitable by the ranged dps and don't pose a treat to teams with helears, and you can ignore a blood dk forever.
the fact is I would ratter have a sub-tree that you would have to make a choice between tank and dps. I really don't want blood to stay as ONLY TANK AND NOTHING ELSE we are not warriors...

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