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Right now I have WoW working very well almost completely out of the box through wine.Just a couple very brief modification to enable OpenGL, and a change to the wine audio settings.

I think the system we have is pretty decent, though I would like to see WoW at least throw a couple bones our way to make the game a little smoother under wine. I certainly do not expect WoW to come out with a native client for us.

I went 15 years running microcrap with nothing but crashes, viruses, bugs and money dump after money dump. Then I sucked up my pride and tried linux. Just uninstalled windows completely and went with it. Never turned back, never will.

P.S. I'm running WoW under Ubuntu 10.04LTS x64 and it runs very well with the following specs:

AMD x64 x2 5200+ overclocked to 2.97ghz
2GIG 667 MHz ( PC2-5300 ) overclocked to 800MHz

I built this computer about 5 years ago, pretty outdated. With more current specs there would literally be nothing to complain about. As it stands the only issues I have are Tol Barad and AV with large battles, and I suspect it is just an issue with the sound settings in wine. I have yet to really look into it at all.
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I'm an IT manager for a multi-location company. We use Linux on our virtualization servers, file servers, mail servers, firewalls, phone systems, terminals. We are forced by our vendors to run MS Windows, which we run as virtual machines, otherwise all of our equipment would be running Linux. I use Linux on my laptop, except when I run WoW, because the distributions I use don't include WINE.
From what I understand Blizzard uses Linux OS for there servers. The biggest issue as stated before is the amount of Linux providers Red Hat, Ubuntu, Susa, IBM, etc. All Linux but all slightly different.
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My only real complaint is the lack of hardware mouse support under opengl in general. Also, due to it's open source nature, you can't measure how popular linux is by market share or sales figures. Honestly, if I had hardware mouse and was able to get vent working in 'nix, I'd be using it 100% of the time.

opengl has hardware mouse support in cataclysm :)

Why even Use linux?

Honestly, I just don't get it.

It is free it is secure it is open source.
and hell you have to be a expert to mess it up.

02/02/2011 8:56 AMPosted by Dustspeck
I use Linux on my laptop, except when I run WoW, because the distributions I use don't include WINE.

compile from source :)
I think the general way this is done is by using Wine.
Well it's like this. How many video cards, sound cards, mice, etc.... do you have. 1 right?

Do you really need driver support for everything under the sun, or would you prefer an optimized system....
The intersection of people who 1) Insist on Running Linux AND 2) Can't get WoW running on Wine is about 5 people.

There's no way they're ever going to release a Linux verison.

I used to enjoy playing around with SuSE a lot. Tried Ubuntu once. Considered Debian. Red Hat. Looked at Mandrake.

But then I realized that, not being able to work in a corporate environment anymore meant that I had no real need to. Sure, I could completely customize it (given an incredible amount of time) to do precisely what I wanted, when I wanted. But I gained very little except avoiding the very, very occasional menu. I didn't really have to analyze makelogs anymore, didn't need to bother with manpages. I didn't do anything important enough to bother with it.

I still miss it from time to time. But not enough to go back to YaST, .rpm's, makefiles, and so forth. The horribly slow KDE. The poor GNOME documentation. Just not worth it. Take a Windows install, clean it out and scrub it one time from all the extraneous crap, and run with it. I had bigger hopes for Linux, but they never panned out and, at this point, I doubt they ever will.
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Linux is becoming more popular everyday

No, it isn't. In fact it's market share has declined every year since 2006, and is hovering at about 1% right now.

actually from everything I have seen its been increasing.
01/24/2011 8:15 PMPosted by Noctemtenchi
ATI finally is putting out decent linux drivers.

Some of those words do not belong on the same page as one another, let alone in the same sentence - I'll leave it up to you to figure out which ones.

No, it isn't. In fact it's market share has declined every year since 2006, and is hovering at about 1% right now.

actually from everything I have seen its been increasing.

Open your eyes then. It's not increasing.
i think linux better then windows it work great on linux with wine:)
Linux is becoming more popular everyday, and many users in the Linux community are waiting for wow to become Linux compatible. Right now we have to run the wow windows client under another program called wine. This is VERY hard to do, and it would help thousands of users if wow would come out with a Linux version. To the developers this verison does not have to be perfect linux users can help you guys perfect it. You do not have to release source code to the linux community if you make a linux verison. We are hoping that you guys will throw us a bone. Linux teams all over the world will work to make your client compatibile with their distrubutions. All you have to do is make one client and the Linux community (over time) will conform their operating system to run around it. To show you how many users are using linux and playing wow (under wine) I will start a list and be the first one to sign.

1. Tbruff13

I'm pretty sure would look toward the Google's Chrome OS as the next platform to port their products to.

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