Can you guys release a Linux version

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Why even Use linux?

Honestly, I just don't get it.

How many people have been keylogged under linux running wow?
01/25/2011 1:53 AMPosted by Blodøks

No, it isn't. In fact it's market share has declined every year since 2006, and is hovering at about 1% right now.
how do you accurately measure market share on a free distro?

I was wondering this myself. Maybe redhat has stock to purchase since they also do a commercial release of Linux, but I doubt many others have.

To the one that said the market share, Linux is not a company. You can't look Linux up on the stock market. That would be like saying to look Windows up on the Stock market. You can look up Microsoft, but that's another matter. A lot of the Linux distributions are done freely and therefore have no profit.
This is VERY hard to do

Then don't do it - in fact, if you find it hard to do - you probably shouldn't be running Linux. :-P
Part of the Linux experience is customizing your computer to meet your needs. Blizzard can't make a game to meet thousands of different Linux configurations, but you (a Linux user) can customize your computer to work with the game. If you don't want to take the time to do that, why the hell should Blizzard?
01/24/2011 8:15 PMPosted by Noctemtenchi
Uhh, WoW works beautifully in Linux under Wine. You should try that.

Not always and at times has been known to break with a patch requiring user side fixes, though I am glad ATI finally is putting out decent linux drivers.

Thats funny. Most of the Linux communities I belong to bash ATI's drivers all the time.
01/25/2011 1:57 AMPosted by Tamithia
[citation needed]

01/25/2011 1:53 AMPosted by Blodøks
how do you accurately measure market share on a free distro?

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