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We slaughter demons on our way down the ramp - to find a demon machine half body thing (yes i know still no dragons :/)

FYI we are looking for healers :-D
For some reason this mechanical half body demon can cause eruptions on the platform ( i think he is kicking it from underneath). But we dodged, ducked, covered and ren died.

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We tore apart the mechanical demon for loot (and for fun) and continued further into the cavern to find DRAGONS!!!!! ...... but we only found more green demons.....

as we rounded the corner, as found some demon puppies. Of course we hit everything on the ground to make more and more puppies join in the fun! Sadly this just mad their parents Fart and Sh!!face really mad.

LF Healers - revival.wowlaunch.com
Demon dogs are not fun to train, no matter how many times we had our hunter try they just couldnt tame them. Eventually we got bored of Durgga's failures and decided they just needed to be put down.

Apply today at revival.wowlaunch.com
HAHAHA!!!! I have decided to keep one of the dogs for my self, i threw a saddle on it and now ride it around the raid :-D

LF Solid Healers (revival.wowlaunch.com)
Ok Ok, so we must have gone the wrong way - we found demons, dogs and still no dragons.... !!!!! There is a portal at the top of his path!!! That must be where the dragons are!!! We see the portal master (not dragon) and decide it must be taken out.

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