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Guild Recruitment
-Recruiting for HFC & Legion-

Looking for casual non-mythic? Social night for achieves, PvP, mog? Fun raid atmosphere with AoTC's for all content? Website with active giveaways? (Yep just gave out 5 Illidan's for the announcement of Legion and even a BlizzCON ticket!!) Look no further!

We've had enough of the negativity, glass chewing, hardcore grinds that we decided our WoW family was more important than the mythic grind. We've managed to have fun yet still see content and it has been an exciting time bring fun back into raiding without being judged for messing up once. We coach members, not cut as too often people just point to others calling them "baddies" when all they needed was an explanation and some time. We give that here!

We would love to pick up a handful of DPS with heroic experience. Hopefully with rings or at least on tomes. Even if this isn't you, hit me up! We have a farm team that will help you gear until you have what you need for the progression team! :)

<Exodus> (13/13N 11/13H) is a Normal/Heroic raiding guild and is looking for additional raiders to join our ranks to continue are grind through Hellfire Citadel. We promote a healthy game/life balance and encourage a positive raid environment. We always make sure to have fun while raiding but still take progression seriously. We consider everyone in Exodus a member of our WoW Family and expect that the same respect is given for others in our community and raid team. Full and Part time raiders welcome.

We would like to maintain a 20 minimum roster and will recruit up to 30. This helps us always have a good amount of people for when life calls you away from the game as well as hosts a healthy competition in our guild as we progress. We also don't believe in splitting up friends and family so no fear of someone telling you that you or friends are good enough. Many of us here have been there done that and it is awful. No bench! Keep the drama and people bashing at home. That sponsors negativity and is counter-productive in the raid team and community.

General Need:

Specific Needs:
Rogue, Feral/Balance Druid, Hunter, Ret Paladin, Death Knight, Shaman, Windwalker Monk, Warrior (basically no cloth - we have sooo many)
(NOTE: All experienced players despite class are encourage to apply and will be considered)

Raid times are as follows:
Wednesday 8:30-11:30pm EST
Thursday 8:30-11:30pm EST
Monday 8:30-11:30pm EST
Note: 8:30-9:00 invites, 1st pull at 9:00
(Because we focus on flex content, you can take nights off without punishment as life permits!)

~Foxcee (Smush)


Kaycadilla#1528 {Recruitment Manager} - kaycadilla@hotmail.com (check email throughout the day)
Good Morning :) Updating the post for today's batch of forum recruits looking for a new home to raid! If you have heroic experience or your guild is breaking apart, hit me up!
Happy Friday! Exodus just downed Heroic Tyrant to make us 11/13H :) Hope to add a few more to finish out content in HFC and now is a great time to find a fun, casual, raid team! We still get our progression done and have tons of fun doing so :) Message me if interested!
Hi All!

New week of recruiting for us. We have updated our needs and I wouldn't be surprised if Heroic Mannoroth goes down tonight! Please hit me up with any interest. Casual, Fun, Progression is all here and if you need a place where you want to see the content and hang out, this is where you can be to just enjoy the game and the ride :)
Foxcee here with an update!! We downed Heroic Mannoroth on Monday! Still loooking for more DPS to help push Heroic Archimonde then we intend to keep raiding with alts and even a old content progression team!
Still looking

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