Nagrand (Outland) chat broken (Stormrage)

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Hey there, the Nagrand (Outland) general chat is broken on stormrage. I have tried to use /join, I have also tried /resetchat and neither work. I have also tried without any addons enabled, and it still does not work.
It is unlikely that the issue is with you, Brunik. We've seen issues with Outland chat, specifically in Nagrand recently on some realms. It is one of those weird issues that keeps popping up.

I'll let our realm techs know.


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Has it been fixed vrak as far as i know zangarmarsh outlands chat been busted for months i could be wrong been awhile but blackhand is still not working either and possibly uldum those are my 3 realms.
Whatever seems to be causing the overall issue is still happening. Usually the best we can do until a more permanent resolution can be found is restart the realm to recover the chat. Hopefully they can figure out what is causing it soon.
Thats good news vrak can we get this posted in known issues or a sticky in bug forums so we can reference it.

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