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Because I don't think lore is a good enough incentive for a lot of people to level archaeology.

What do you guys think Blizzard could do to improve on this secondary profession? I've heard rumors that they were pondering over the deletion of the profession, but I think there could be some work done to turn it into a genuinely interesting feature.

Here are some of mine: (I will edit as I come up with more, I ask you do the same to avoid forum congestion)

1.) Treasure Maps - When looting fragments from digsites, you have a very small chance of also looting a treasure map. This treasure map can be learned, and will show a highlighted area on your map (a small selected area, like the ones used to resemble digsites, only colored green). Upon arriving at this treasure sight, which will be an area MUCH larger than digsites (300%-400% larger) you will have a limited amount of time to search for randomly treasure chests guarded by randomly generated mobs. These chests might have a chance to drop a few Rare Quality Items, some gold, some mats, one of a few toys, and some more archaeology fragments, corresponding to what zone you are in (i.e., completing a treasure hunt in Stranglethorn Vale would award you with troll artifacts).

2.) Lore Tablets - Unlike maps, these tablets would be pieced together by Fragments and Keystones, and would NOT mark an area on your map. Instead, you must follow clues given on the tablet in a scavenger hunt like quest. Upon reaching your final destination, you would enter in a phased scenario, where you would then "reenact" a significant lore event (this event would happen sort of like the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel at the end of the DK starting questline).

Some example events could be:

Something small, like helping Baine Bloodhoof fight off the Kvaldir in Borean Tundra (this could be completed by yourself, with smaller rewards).


Something big, like fighting off the scourge in the invasion of Silvermoon City (this could be a 10-12 man event, awarding large amounts of loot to the participating members).
MoP had some good ideas when it come to Archaeology and some bad ones. I hate the achievements for collecting 5 and 25 of each item. But I really enjoyed how Archaeology rewarded more lore for the people that finished it. The even getting rep with the Archaeology "faction" was fun.

Right now they have a pretty good set up that would allow for players to both find rewards and use the completed solves as currency. The items should not be anything like heirlooms or super good gear. Something like mounts, pets, cosmetic items, patterns to create cosmetic gear and maybe food items. Even random solves that allow you to open up short quest chains and/or scenarios.
I'd like to see quest items pop up that you need to take to Harrison Jones. After bringing him the item, off on an adventure you go with him to discover and/or solve stuff.

I also wouldn't mind it if there were random events while working in a dig site. Maybe members of the other factions archaeological circles (or random thieves come to attack you) when you dig something up. Maybe you disturb an elemental or a rock worm. Maybe the ground break beneath you into a lost temple, tomb, etc.. and you have to find your way out.

Rewards for such encounters and endeavors could include but not be limited to:
-artifact fragments
-keystone pieces
-battle pets
-transmog pieces
-profession recipes
I still wish the WoD version of Seeker of Knowledge rewarded a title. Like... what is that?

I can tell you what I'm not grinding my fluff to do now.

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