<Twilight Circus> Selling Heroic Archimonde

Hello there!,
Beginning next week (October 27, 2015) <Twilight Circus> will begin selling Heroic Mannoroth and Archimonde kills. Raid begins at 9 pm Central. Prices are in gold only, and will be discussed in person.

For your kills, you can expect to receive:
- All non-Warforged, non-Socketed, non-tertiary stat, non-Archimonde trinket gear that is relevant to your class and spec
- Ahead of the Curve: The Black Gate feat of strength
- Time is a Flat Circle feat of strength (if you've not killed Archimonde on normal)
- Tier chest from Mannoroth (if your class token drops, not a guarantee)
- You may receive Warforged/socketed/tertiary items if our raiders do not need them
- Your Archimonde trinket will be available for an additional cost if it drops
- As of Patch 6.2.3 you will also receive a Grove Warden (moose!) mount for killing heroic Archimonde

If this interests you, please contact me in-game via mail, whisper, or send me a Battletag request at Pterrodactyl#1488 and I will answer any questions you may have!
I went on the heroic kills today and I got a bunch of pieces really nice people will do it again once the patch is released so I can get the mount. Thanks for having me tonight it was alot of fun

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