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It's obviously not ready for 27th wave, but is there an ETA on Mac client support for Overwatch beta?
Actually nevermind, got answer. This game isn't coming to mac at all

"We're developing Overwatch for Windows-based PCs only, so a Mac-specific beta will not be provided."
If you're going to incite Nerd Rage™, do it properly and document it ;)

I'm more than a bit annoyed, by several points

1. They have forced overwatch onto ALL launchers (including mac) to advertise and hype it.
2. There has been no word on mac support until now, so it assumed by all that it would be supported, because it was on our launchers so why wouldn't it be.
3. Now we find out that not only is beta not on mac. They don't word play here. They CLEARLY and concisely say that overwatch is only being developed for windows. It does not say "no mac at this time" or "mac coming later". It says "this is a PC only game, mac isn't happening".
4. Despite saying this. and even pushing a new battle.net build TODAY, it's still being advertised on mac launcher.

So, all around this is a big middle finger to mac users. I'm just waiting for the launcher update that says "removed overwatch from mac launchers, our bad"...

Maybe the rage is over nothing though. Maybe someone just used some REALLY badly chosen words in faq. We'll see. I hope we can get clarification on that. However, considering the state of the understaffed mac team. I'm actually not surprised by the faq as others. They haven't been able to fill their holes in years. They are spread thin and cant even fix the bugs in the games they already support, let alone worry about another launch. So I understand it not coming to mac on many levels. The poor communication on it though is completely inexcusable.

Since Overwatch is going to be developed for Windows PCs only, how do I get the game icon off my launcher?

It's really very, very disappointing to have read that in the FAQ since Blizzard's support for the Mac platform is one of the points that has pulled me into Blizzard games.
I was really saddened and disheartened to read about this. I was looking forward to a new blizzard game. I've been a supporter of blizzard games for a very long time because of the mac clients. I work on Macs (self-employed) I really don't see me getting a Windows machine at anytime in the future and I'm loath to put it on via bootcamp.

Looks like I'm stuck with consoles now.
Oh, that sucks.
Poor form, Blizzard. Using the Mac launcher to hype a Windows-only product.
Wow.... Guess I won't be playing it then. One of the major reasons I've supported Blizzard so heavily in the past was their commitment to the Mac platform even back when no one else did. This brings me a lot of misgivings and fear about the future support of Apple products going forward...

I'd love to know the reasons behind this decision. If it was technical limitations on Apple's part, or if it was strictly a business-level choice.
10/27/2015 04:05 PMPosted by Stoneblade
I'd love to know the reasons behind this decision. If it was technical limitations on Apple's part, or if it was strictly a business-level choice.

I've a gut feeling it's a combination of both and more. We've got the following working against us right now for Mac gaming @ Blizzard:

1) Apple abandons its OSes on a yearly basis. That means constantly shifting goalposts for the devs and players alike. It also means hardware by proxy gets obsoleted much quicker than it should. It also severely fractures Blizzard in terms of support since unlike Windows, which builds on a solid foundation for years, Apple keeps reinventing the wheel, often erasing any progress forward by Blizzard.

2) Apple is abysmal with its drivers. nVidia picks up the slack for their GPUs from the 400 series and later, but you're lucky if you see more than a single driver update of any meaning for AMD's GPUs. Once Apple has sold enough of them, it generally lets them rot from that point on. AMD's hardware as a result suffers far more than nVidia's does down the road.

3) A pedantically small Mac team relative to the old Blizzard. Ever since the merger with Activision, Blizzard has been losing Mac talent, not gaining it. The Mac headcount is the smallest it's ever been and it shows no signs of improving anytime soon, especially with the "mythical unicorn" requirements Blizzard has for those positions.

4) Metal. It's new. It's shiny. It's also an incomplete API, yet Apple has signaled a definite shift to it and an almost certain discontinuance of OpenGL updates. Combine this with the small Mac team at Blizzard at present, and there's just no way they can service multiple games, convert to Metal on all of them, and continue growing the number of games without more help. There's some Metal code in WoW already, but it's incomplete and cannot be activated by any means yet. You have to give the Mac-capable folks at Blizzard major props for being as dedicated as they are though. I know they've got a ton of work on their plate, and they're also servicing Windows clients too.

5) Mac clients have long standing bugs still. WoW still has stutter issues, though nowhere near as prominent as they were in 6.1. D3 still has the reflections bug and it's been over a year since that one cropped up. Having any Mac fixes stuck waiting on Windows patch cycles doesn't help this any. Every game's Mac client has at least one or two major outstanding bugs that have been around for quite some time. El Capitan and SIP aren't making things any easier. In fact I'm pretty sure 10.11 has been the biggest headache for the Mac team in quite some time.

6) Apple continues to put higher and higher resolution displays onto laptops and call it a day. The iMac 5k in its best configuration is a halfway decent gaming machine, but the fact still remains Apple keeps putting form over function into increasingly costly machines. It's pretty bad when the only iMac any MVP can recommend is the very top tier model with as much maxed out as possible. With only the CPU and GPU brought to max, the cost of this iMac is a whopping $2799.00. That's before any RAM upgrades you might purchase at a place like OWC (which is very reasonable with its pricing models).

What does this mean for users? People are more frequently priced out of the few configurations that can muster any real performance with Blizzard's games, further eroding the already small market share the Mac occupies.

When you factor all of this in, the ROI (return on investment) for Overwatch looks a lot less attractive, and that's what counts to management - the bottom line.

And the frustrating part about boot camp is that a) you need a Windows license and install media to go that route, b) depending on the size of your drive you can eat up a rather large percentage of your only drive's available space, and c) fans do not ramp up in Windows until a very very very high temperature threshold is reached. Windows lacks proper control of the SMC because Apple never made it possible to do so, and that isn't good for the lifespan of the machine, especially laptops and iMacs. Mac Pros fare better, but still, it isn't ideal by any stretch of the imagination in terms of heat.
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Uh-oh! The truck have started to move.
If they want to attract more Mac developers, why don't they just offer to pay them more and actually be realistic with their requirements if it's been understaffed for so long? Like what's the deal?
Was this pc only decision announced at any point prior to the most recent Q&A? If so, where and if not, why? Is this going to become a trend in the future? Who gets to buy me a copy of Win 10? =P

Such a silly decision. Thanks!
That faq is the first thing we're hearing of it. In fact they've been advertising the game on mac launcher entire time. In fact they STILL are. This is why the FAQ is such a shocking revelation. Mac users feel blind sided by it.

I personally expected maybe a delay in mac beta. After all SC2 beta was delayed on mac do to it not being ready when first PC builds went out. However it was clearly communicated in advance that it WAS coming and was just late.

Here, it's clearly communicated it's not coming because it's not being made at all. So there is no indication this is same thing at all. To me the wording clearly states Overwatch is a windows only game. Now if that's not true then blizzard needs to rectify their words immediately. If it is true then they need to apologize for the bad communication and get this Windows only game off our launchers.
This is very disheartening. I've always been a fan of blizzard because as far back as I can remember they have always made their games accessible to mac players. Not trying to be a drama queen, but If they are moving away from this, it shows (to me) that they're not the same company that they once were and makes me question whether I want to continue to support them at all.
Get rid of overwatch from the Mac Battle.net client. WTF
10/28/2015 12:38 PMPosted by Aumnee
This is very disheartening. I've always been a fan of blizzard because as far back as I can remember they have always made their games accessible to mac players. Not trying to be a drama queen, but If they are moving away from this, it shows (to me) that they're not the same company that they once were and makes me question whether I want to continue to support them at all.

They aren't. Most of Blizzard's founding members and original developers have moved on to other projects, and that means most of the Mac talent went with them. Torchlight was made by the same guys that made Diablo 2, for example. Blizzard isn't really the same company we grew up with.
If this is going to be a trend with more future titles you should let us know now.

The only current answer being a FAQ reposted in threads doesn't answer questions about why or what to expect in the future. Please don't be shy about it or drag your feet.
I'm now wondering if they are going to drop Mac support for WoW and other games in the future. Now that they are not supporting a new game.

When/if WoW would ever get a new engine, or their next MMO. Will it also not support OS X?
we know at least immediate future they are supporting wow, sc2 and heroes. They wouldn't update them to metal if they weren't.
Probably D3 too. It's just likely they aren't taking on new games anymore
I started a thread in the general forums to gauge the general reaction:


Expect a trollfest...
I mentioned this in another post, but ... and I hope I'm wrong... given that we haven't heard any real news about a Legion beta, and given that the Overwatch beta arrived along with the news that Mac users weren't going to be able to take part in it, and given that the "recruiting" post in this forum looking for Mac engineers has been deprecated and un-stickied -- I'm wondering if we'll hear an announcement at BlizzCon that support for MacOS is being discontinued as of Legion. It's at least 6 months before we have Legion actually drop into production, so that would give a solid 5 months for Mac users to find a way to run Windows to keep playing. And maybe in their minds, it's also sufficient time that those who won't run Windows can unsub and be done.

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