[A-RP] Stormwind U's Ambassadorial Education!

Wyrmrest Accord
*A collection of brightly coloured and bold-print flyers have been posted in and around the campus of Stormwind University and the confines of each major city throughout Azeroth!*

Greetings and Salutations, all!

Stormwind University is pleased to announce the continuation of one of our currently ongoing public events: The Ambassadorial Education Tours! You’re invited to join our series of guided and informative tours of the many cities and major settlements all throughout Azeroth, and learn the untold stories of the places you’ve come to know and love!

Along with a comprehensive telling of each city’s history and the people that made it possible, you’ll be treated to a selection of its most time-honored activities and traditions. Whether you’re a long-time local or trying to find your way around for the first time, our Ambassadorial Education Tours will definitely help you see Azeroth’s populous locations in a whole new way!

As we have recently adjusted our community events schedule, the Ambassadorial Education tours are presently being held on the first Sunday of every other month at 6:00 PM ((Server Time)). Tour duration is expected to be between approximately one and two hours, so please plan accordingly if you'd like to attend! RSVP's are not necessary, but certainly appreciated! ((Posting on this thread is sufficient, or please contact myself, or any other Stormwind University member in-game for questions or further details as well!))

The next date and location will be as follows:

September 2nd & 3rd, 2017: Ruins of Gilneas

We do ask that our tour guests adhere to a couple of simple courtesy rules:

● Please do not bring pets or mounts (where applicable) on the tour. Pets, and especially mounts, can be disruptive to others ((or, cause others present to lag out)) and will make it more difficult for our tour guide to communicate clearly and effectively to all tour group members.

● You are welcome to ask questions during our tour, but we ask that you please refrain from asking inappropriate questions or interrupting our tour guide. We would love to help you gain a more complete understanding of the city or location in question, but know that constant interruptions and disruptive behavior is distracting to other members of the tour and will not be tolerated.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!
This is going to be awesome! ( and not just because I'm leading it. :p)
Definitely will be checking this out!
Learning is fun and knowledge is power
Ohhh - this sounds good! Assuming RL doesn't smack my schedule to pieces Alesá will be there :)
We are still accepting RSVPs (not necessary but helpful for the planning) for the tour. Message us here or in game to be added!
I must attend!
Bumping this, because it's tomorrow!
I'd come if I weren't East Coast. Walking Dead comes on and it's a tradition to watch it with the family. :/ Wish I could go.
More than likely totally going to attend because this sounds great!
10/31/2015 07:37 PMPosted by Xanleth
I'd come if I weren't East Coast. Walking Dead comes on and it's a tradition to watch it with the family. :/ Wish I could go.

COME ON. You can DVR Walking Dead....YOU CAN'T DVR THIS TOUR.
This is tonight! Come meet me out by the Valley of Heroes at 6 PM Server time.
Bumping this, because in two weeks (December 6 at 6 PM server time), we will be touring the fine city of Ironforge! Come join us for drinks, fishing and education!
If you missed the SW event, Dunn does a great tour, and we would love to have more come listen in!

I may be talking about part of Ironforge, as well, so you'll get to hear some talk about old musty things that don't involve Ghaoithe's nether regions for once!
Awe man, I missed this on the events stuff. It is posted now though. Hopefully I can catch a tour on my gnome.

Also, thank the gang for showing up the the rave, it was nice to see you all there.
Bumping as this is this weekend.

Thanks Lindiwe for adding to your list! We had such fun at the Rave!
Get ready for KNOWLEWDGE, everyone!
Yes! Join us! :D
Join us today for this special tour of Ironforge, 6:00pm server time; message Alandi, Dunnedin and/or Mhorighan or any member of <Stormwind University> for more information! See the sites, learn something new, have fun!
I may stop by on Iza if I have time!

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