Brawlers Guild - Hexos in 6.2

Anyone been having trouble with Hexos in 6.2?

Seems you always take damage regardless of where you face, not only that but it seems to be using your own stats because you'll take damage from multistrikes.

I know in 6.0 some races models we're too big making the encounter impossible, I thought that was fixed in 6.1 though.

Anyone else tried it recently? Alliance side.
I had major issues with him a while back, but I thought they were fixed now. I'll try to remember to give it a go when I get home tonight.
I completed it in 6.2, but just before 6.2.2 launched. I had no significant problems with it.
I have done this in 5.0, 6.0, and 6.2.2 (Tested it for you few moments ago).

The fight is indeed working correctly. Below are a couple best practices for the fight:

(a) Point your Camera straight down at your feed (avoid nearly all of tight squeezes)
(b) One hand on mouse spinning you through the maze as necessary (primary Job)
(c) Macro your Rotation into /castsequence and use other hand to spam this one key
(d) Disable ALL Add-on for the Fight. There are many (like DBM) that can mess it up!

Doing above makes it much easier to focus on navigating the maze, as well as removes a number of the more glitch elements. Best advice (if possible) of course is have a friend/relative press the macro beside yourself on the mouse. Not everyone can multi-task to degree this fight requires.

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