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[Noun]: a country that constantly loses to new zealand
1. That's already played out, the Internet recycling things a million times over is just annoying tbh.

2. Being a sore-winner is cringe worthy.

3. ALL BLACCCCKKKKSSS! What a great game and World Cup in general .
It was a great game but sadly it won't be repeated unless we keep the 6 big names heading overseas.I can't blame them as the money is just too good for a kiwi lad to turn down.

I have to admit the WC as a whole wasn't that great bar the Japan/south africa debacle which I thought was the most unexpected win to have happened.The pooling done basically set the semi's @ SA,aus,argentina and NZ With australia having the only "hard" pool. Next time I would love to see the 2 of the pools have 4/5 of the top 5 teams in them.
We won netball mate silly kiwis straya
*cough* cricket world cup *cough*
now lets see ,

cricket 50 over world cup --NZ flogged by Australia
Netball world cup --NZ beaten by australia
Current cricket Test match match at the gabba-- NZ being flogged by Australia
Soccer -NZ beaten by Australia

insignificant sport called rugby -- will give you that one .
Lets compare the 24 other sports that are more popular in Aus, than rugby union. Pretty much no one gives a !@#$ outside of the world cup. Even then it pretty much meh.

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