Old Skoo AV

Just missing the old school AV. Such an immersive chaos of zoned PvP. Waiting for ques were the reason for the old school Tauren Mill world PvP in my opinion. With the new tools implemented with cross realms I'm sure it'd be even more fun, but I enjoyed the battlefield of that old zoned place. Plus waring all day and not knowing which way the battle would sway or which side would win or if the same war would be going on. Wish it had bosses like the old wayz with PvP epic drops as to have a crazy combo of PvE PvP fighting. It was awesome trying to battle each other fighting for a boss kill, lol. Resources for epic boss assistance attacking the other side, good times. Anyway, happy hunting all :)
I agree the old AV was a millions times better then what we have now. Sad thing is I can't think of any battleground that was improved from its initial form by tweaking it over time.
I am very much hoping that someday they find a way to bring it back along with new ideas and the new tools that they have. It made me feel like a PvP with Environment but for PvP enthusiasts. So you almost got the feel of end game like content but with that PvP challenge always there. It's like fighting for the Raid Boss Kill almost instead of instanced for just a Raid. The quick fixes in and out that's there now are fun but something about that PvP type zone will always take me back.
Defend Galv/Balinda. Wipe their inc. Don't allow enemies to pass your front line. 3 simple steps for "old school AV" gameplay.

The reason this strategy isn't popular is because over half of the players want a quick win/loss for more honor.
So simple that it lasted days. The repeatable quests it had inside were what I think was the first inception of what dailies came to be, just a thought; my experience was fun and different, I dunno, I had a blast everytime. Plus I remember the old bosses that it had inside dropped pretty good PvP loot. You would try to drop boss but be fighting other players too so it was quite a chaos that was awesome lol. Used to like summoning the elementals with a good group. I'm sure it's like anything else, some like and some don't. Instant gratification for some, the grind for others. Also like anything else, just don't que if you don't like it for those that don't. I'm sure with all the cross realm tools that there are now, it would be enough to fill it on a reg basis compared to before for those that enjoy that type of zoned play. Never a right or wrong when you have fun playing what you like within a game.
The discussion here is almost exactly what I was hoping to find (except that I'm for Twinks).

Twinks aren't in it for the Honor, we only want to continually fight (at least that's my opinion)
Maybe Blizz could do an AV where Twinks could go, and the game raged on forever (Like SS vs TM)

One idea, ironically, came from a Barrens Chat. That being Timewalk World PVP zones... Where if you flew into Wintergrasp, your gear would get lowered to lvl 80 equivalent gear.

Or maybe if you could queue into a zone like the dungeon Old Hillsbrad Foothills, where the PVP never stopped, but it was based only on your level bracket.

I'm sure this last suggestion would entail a great deal of work, like setting up NPCs and Graveyards, and objectives... But really, we just want something like a crazy 80-100 player Arena battle.
vanilla AV is decent gold for pvpers 20/40s per hand in of certain items looted from players (tauren hoof, orc tooth)

they should have kept something like that for bgs
Now it's just a mindless rat race to the finish line unless you're in a premade.

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