I like the idea of the zone changing for you

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Guild Wars 2 is that way. -------------------------------->>>
11/09/2015 05:33 AMPosted by Irunyoudieha
11/09/2015 05:30 AMPosted by Scarletohara

Are you twelve?

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This post!!! YESSS
11/09/2015 04:40 AMPosted by Kookshelper
In legion, I think this is a very good idea, that the enemies around you change to your level etc, I think that's a great thing..

If you've ever played a game that has level-scaling you'd have a different view.

FF 11 does level sync the best. You group up with someone at the level you want to sync to and it syncs the whole party. It also scales your gear and abilities down to that level. Blizz could tweek the system by adding a way to do this solo. Make it something you click on the character portrait.

Then you could do the quests or feel the sense of danger. You would also gain xp equivalent to your actual level.
I think it would be a better idea if you could turn it off and on kinda like PVP. Maybe put a 5 minute timer between toggles. I don't like the idea of never outgrowing the content. Feels like I won't have any reason to level.
I really, really hope they bring this to the rest of Azeroth after Legion.
11/09/2015 10:20 AMPosted by Rixna
I really, really hope they bring this to the rest of Azeroth after Legion.

Because people want to level without any feeling of progression. Riiight.

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