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I hope this isn't a bad place to put it, I don't think the class forums has.. a sorta, all around class thing.

I'm going to either be getting the 90 boost (( With WoD)) or hold off until Legion.
But I haven't been active in about a year or so, since MoP, so I was wondering what is the best (( Or generally all around alright)) class for a Healer/DPS combo?
I loved my Shaman but I'm not too sure how they are doing at the moment.. I was thinking Paladin? But I'm not sure.

Once more, Sorry if this is a bad place to ask! Or just a question that has too many factors to think about. I have played alot of classes over the years, so I'm not too picky about any of them!
It's not a bad place but I don't have much to add. I don't have a main or even one character at 100 yet. I prefer shamans since they get the leather to mail upgrade at 40 :)
I'd wait. From the looks of things, there will be big changes with classes in Legion.
How do Monks and Druids compare with each other?
You could always try the Healing forum as it sounds like you want a class that specifically has healing capabilities. They should be able to tell you how their dps is as most healers roll a DPS OS for questing and outerworld events.
11/08/2015 01:15 PMPosted by Bitterhope
How do Monks and Druids compare with each other?

Feral druid is single target melee centric, where as WW is a multi-target oriented melee. Obviously balance is ranged and (to my knowledge) a mass aoe spec.

As far as their healing goes, they fulfill a very similar role in aoe raid healing with some solid heal over time and big aoe CDs

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